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When you first start, you go surface gathering to get you started.


once you learn about underground mining and get a little practice you don’t go back. Why? Because the amount of time vs rewards is completely different.


the only time you go back to surface gathering is when you crash, and you have no scrap, or your scrap is in a disabled container. Then you hope you can find a nearby hex you can do some quick gathering to make enough low tier scrap to get you going.


Its a shame as it is a system which NQ must have put good development resources into. It’s also relaxing and fun zipping around the surface. It’s just not worth hardly anything.


I propose that all of the ore levels on a planet (or moon) be available for surface gathering. 


Rather than have people going down holes look g formT5 ores, let there be a fair and reasonable amount on the surface.


While it won’t ever compete with mega mining, at least let the high tier ores compete with regular mining down deep. Maybe even add some talents for it.


Bring back surface mining, not just for newbies. 

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13 hours ago, Lethys said:

Higher tier ore should only be available within the pvp zone, like promised. To give ppl something to fight for 

No problem with that and my system. 


Leave T1 and T2 ores form surface collection on the safe zone planets. 


For the higher tier ores, have surface collection, but on the non safe zone planets. Currently all the planets are safe zones, but I believe that is supposed to only be temporary. So when they stop being safe zones, you have two options for surface gathering,

1. Gather on hex’s which you own... works straight into the territory warfare plans

2. Gather on free hex’s, and watch out for PvPers cruising the planet looking for you and your ship to rob

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