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Smalls improvements for Blueprints to make them more user frienly


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Hello everyone,

I really like the new system of blueprint with the distinction of a core blueprint and a blueprint.

I have 4 suggestions of improvement, 3 of them should be easy to implement and the last one could be a bit more tricky.

  1. Have a green/red dot that check the status of a blueprint to tell the player if the blueprint is deployable (player has all the parts)
    When you have a blueprint with a lot of pieces, it's hard to know if we have all the parts
  2. Add a sorting/filter in the blueprint parts
    We have all our way of sorting our construct part, but we have all a sorting system. When I have to deploy a blueprint, I go to my engine hub, then brake hub, etc... 
    Also being able to have a way to display only missing parts, will help us a lot.
  3. Update the blueprints status on fly
    Now every time we put an element into the linked container/nanopack to deploy a blueprint we have to "reinpect" the blueprint to update his status
    It's a lot of clicks for nothing. This is something that can be done client-side, I am sure my computer would be OK to do that :)
  4. Being able to switch voxel 
    I know that this point is a bit more tricky, but could be a huge improvement of blueprint.

    Sometime I don't have a specific voxel to deploy a blueprint or simply I don't like the color or I am a creator and I want to be able to decline my creation into multiple colors


Thanks for reading

Kind regards

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