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    • Lack cargo scanners, scanners should be able to scan cargo and display a text only break down of items on screen somewhere.
      • Why? Why the heck would you damage a ship that has limited lives on its items, but what about the cargo?
        • Players can toss cargo...
          • Cargo "Trashed" from any container/person, should spawn a container specific to the size of the cargo. ( This SHOULD have been done already, or should be in 0.25 patch )
          • Now players can "Avoid" a destroyed ship by jettisoning cargo
            • Or you can try to get away
            • Or some-ones trolling and just wants to wreck your day.
            • Additions welcome! :3


I am just trying to be constructive here.




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Der need to be able to jettison cargo.


right now if you aren’t in a optimised fighter, if a pirate finds you you may as well just turn off your res node and leave, because there are no mechanics to give you a chance escaping a combat ship.


If there was cargo pods which could be jettisoned from the ship, but go at a good speed or have a limited life, then at least you could try to drop some cargo. This then forces the pirate to either keep pursing the ship, or chase the cargo, knowing they aren’t going to get both.


Currently there really is no point in not destroying your cargo before you die. 


Also give us a self destruct option.


way back in old sail times they would shuffle a ship rather than let it be taken. Now times modern warship can be self destroyed. Why in the future have we all of a sudden made it impossible. Of course make it costly. A costly heavy element for your ship, so it’s an option, but it co es at a cost of weight. And the when/if element targeting becomes a thing, it will be one of the prime elements to take out quickly.


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