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transparent or translucent voxels

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I agree and have commented on this before.


EQN Landmark had glass voxels and to some degree stained glass voxels. You could create good windows, frames, and the micro voxel portions which went through the glass as well. It was a great system.


I hope that at some point they give us a glass type voxel over just plain glass which fits like nothing, has rectangular shapes over squares, circles, or triangles to even fit anything properly where glass voxels would have done everything and more that I needed it to do.


Also I think that transpartent / translucent voxels are the best way to approach shields as well. Sicne ships are all different sizes, shapes, etc it will be hard to come up with an organic shaped shield that again isnt some kind of element like plated glass around a ship. Voxels are the only real way to have a resistance system attached which protects against lazers or other non beam weapons. Shield voxels should be accompanied with a switch to turn on/off shields or that they only have collision added to weapons but still allow people or objects to pass through the voxel.


Where as there should be reinforced voxel composits for other types of weapons like railgun or missles that at T5 should only prevent 75%-95% max so that there is damage done but still allows there to be combat. Right now there is too high of damage with no resistance or damage prevention, deflection, reflection. Regardless, there needs to be defense based voxels that properly absorb damage rather than allowing splash damage to blow a whole ship up and negates the only real need for voxels when they are meant to be cosmetic but also resistance based damage negation. Right now there is nothing like that.


But there are many uses for translucent voxels or translucent glowing voxels.

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