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Hello all.


I am writing this thread to see if we can have the Devs change some core(s) mechanics within the game. We know that there are 4 different cores and that each core is doubled as we move from XS to L (512^3, 256^3, 128^3, 64^3 L M S XS).


As a builder, I would like to see the ability to change the core shape without intruding on the order of the cores. Let me explain this. The smallest core (XS) is 64x64x64 but due to it being a cube, it has a downside. The downside is the building potential within that cube. If we were allowed to change the core to let say 64h 84l and 44w we would open up the ability to use and shape the way we please. The small core will no longer be useless for refining and other actions. Furthermore, it will allow builders build around it so it is pleasant to the eye.

It should be noted that I understand that this may break voxelmancy but I am sure someone can figure this out.


Please leave your thoughts and any other ideas reference the core that I may have missed.

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10 hours ago, Fra119 said:

They could be tied to overall volume of your ship, xs core has a 64m^3 limit and until your ship is below that value your are fine.

The problems starts when you go L, you could theoretically build a ships 1x1x~135000km (512^3) xD

Very true my friend, but one could assume that the Dev would think of that and stop/prevent the expansion to the above mentioned limits :)

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