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Dual Universe Classifieds - Clean, Crisp, Concise, Advertising

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Dual Universe Classifieds - Clean, Crisp, Concise, Advertising




Community Page:

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  • What we do and the benefits we provide: We centralize many advertisements onto a single construct. This provides you with quality leads, consumes fewer cores, reduces overhead, improves everyone's game performance, creates fewer obstacles at the marketplace, and makes for a cleaner game world.
  • What is and isn't allowed: Just a few rules and limitations when advertising with us.
  • Pricing: Completely free, for the time being.
  • Setup: Instructions on how to start advertising, the intro steps are simply setting you up in our discord, mostly for my sanity.
  • Future Plans: Where the future may lead along with our next big step if this is a hit.
  • Final Thoughts: Wrap up.




What we do and the benefits we provide:


Dual Universe Classifieds (DUC) seeks to improve advertising inside Dual Universe through the consolidation of individual advertisements into bulk platforms on a single extra small core. Unless you've already seen our construct at the ten marketplaces around the Arkship (against the marketplace near the onramp and elevators), you can watch a quick 2:37 tech demo of the platform we're currently working on. The design and code are a work in progress and not final.


Inspired by advertising that occurred during earlier Alpha testing phases,  DUC's methods of gathering in-game ad's onto a single platform solves the problems we've identified:


     Quality Leads: Players that specifically search for your advertisement are more likely to be interested in your offering over random players.


     Fewer Cores and Materials Consumed: When every construct counts, having additional core slots for advertising forces a choice to be made; either get your name out there or have more constructs available to your organization. Offloading your advertisements onto us frees up these cores and materials so you can build more constructs.


     Reduced Overhead: No one wants more work to do. By letting us handle your organization's in-game advertisement distribution, we take some of that burden off of running your organization so you can focus on more important things.


     Better Game Performance: Everyone knows that fewer constructs lead to improved game performance on all player's systems. With fewer screens and individual programming boards running, Dual Universe's servers have more resources for what counts while players can enjoy cooler and quieter desktops.


Our platforms can combine a large number of otherwise separate constructs with screens and Lua, into a single construct, with a single programming board (one per terminal, up to four on a construct) that runs on demand when a player wants to interact and view ads.


To view the ads at any of the four terminals on the platform, a lower touchscreen functions as a menu while an upper screen displays a selected advertisement in the form of an image or text, accompanied with any Lua for animation, custom font, etc. Lastly, at the top of the construct is a group of screens that flips between random ads every time a player deactivates the terminal below it for a total of 12 screens.

(the above benefit is theoretical and based solely on my perceptions both on and off the game, I do not claim to know if this actually has any perceivable impact on either the players or the servers)


     Fewer Obstacles at Marketplaces: From ship shops to fuel stands, Lua pitches, and resource dispensers. It all takes up space in the game world, in particular, where players will frequently travel. Marketplaces are already victim to abandoned ships, advertisements shouldn't be making the situation worse, but they do by the simple act of taking up more space. If ads were all neatly organized on one construct, landing at the markets will be a little less scary.


     A Cleaner World: While subjective, a cleaner gaming world feels more immersive than one filled with jarring advertisements competing for attention.


     Better Reputation among the Community: Organizations that advertise with DUC and our more appealing solutions might gain more favor with other players than organizations that don't.


With all of the above in mind, the more advertisements our organization hosts, the more visible impact our efforts will have. Already over half a dozen organizations are running live ads with us. Eight might not seem like a lot, but would you rather have more constructs to navigate at the marketplace?






What is and isn't allowed:


Getting set up with advertising on DUC's platforms is easy. Before we do that, however, we need to specify what is and isn't acceptable.


- For pure images, just a link to the image. Players are viewing our advertisements up close, so upscaling will not be a problem.
- Complex advertisements with both text and associated images may have Lua code included with them.
- Purely text ads may feature text with or without Lua formatting.


1. Ads can be plain text, images, or both with Lua code. Additional support may be added as NQ allows.
2. Links can be included, but they must be DU relevant. Links will be checked before going live.
3. We are a neutral platform. Friendly banter is allowed with the other organization's or players consent, but do not use your advertisements to antagonize them. 


Above all, use common sense when submitting an advertisement. If you think your ad will pose a problem with other players or breach any rules enforced by NovaQuark, it probably will. If you think you've landed in a gray area, please DM @DarkHorizon for clarification.








Currently since we're only drumming up interest and cleaning up the marketplaces is a major objective, our service is entirely free with no surprise charges. With so few advertisers running live ads and a couple dozen orgs indicating some form of interest, applying a cost to our services doesn't make sense unless we're massively successful.


Once we reach that point, I may turn this into a monthly subscription with perhaps a couple of purchasable options like an instant update where if you change your ad, for an additional fee, we can send someone around to have the update applied right away as opposed to some point during the month where the monthly bill is sent out and all queued updates will be applied. Again, this is wholly dependent on our success, this isn't something I saw myself doing so we'll see where it takes us.








Now that we know what is required and what isn't allowed time to start advertising! If I haven't messaged you about this, it may look like a lot, but I assure you that the first steps in the first spoiler are only done once so I can get you set up in our discord server as long as you advertise for the same organization. Changing old ads for new ads is easy as it only requires the final two steps in the third spoiler.


Step One: Join our discord server since it will serve as our communication platform for any announcements or discussions. We will not be DM'ing announcements.


Step Two: Direct message me on Discord with the following:


     Please state that this is for the Dual Universe Classifieds server.

          1. What is your in-game name:
          2. Please link to your community account:
     On the profile page, click "edit profile" at the bottom of the page, then click 'cancel' and your URL will appear.
. What are you advertising for:
          4. If its an org, what is the orgs tag ([DUC] for example):
     Your nickname and the 'Advertiser' tag will be assigned accordingly.


This allows us to get you set up on our discord server if you've joined, tagged with the appropriate roles, and included in our spreadsheets. These details are critical for keeping ourselves organized.


          5. Are you interested in advertising and looking for more info, or has the decision to advertise already been made?
          6. Do you have an advertisement ready? If not, when will one be ready?
    Additional roles will be assigned accordingly.


If I have previously DM'ed you and linked you to this topic, I likely already have the info I need and will fill it in unless directed otherwise:


     Please state that this is for the Dual Universe Classifieds server.

          1. What is your in-game name:
          2. Please link to your community account:
     On the profile page, click "edit profile" at the bottom of the page, then click 'cancel' and your URL will appear.

          3. Are you interested in advertising and looking for more info, or has the decision to advertise already been made?
          4. Do you have an advertisement ready? If not, when will one be ready?
    Additional roles will be assigned accordingly.


If you have an advertisement ready:


1. What are you advertising for - This will be the button players click on in the menu to bring up the ad.

  • An Organization: List their name (case sensitive)
  • A service: The title of your service. (can be the same as an org name)
  • A streamer: The name of the streamer (case sensitive)

2. Your advertisement text/code/image-URL.


When approved, a preview will be returned of the ad on a demo construct before being distributed live.






Future Plans:


I'd previously stated that for now, we're just doing an initial run of ten platforms at each of the ten central marketplaces on Alioth. Further expansion around the planet and eventually other planets and even spaces like player cities as demand grows.


I'm working with my partner, @eldrake, to update the underlying inner workings and UI. What you currently see displayed on the terminals is still a work in progress, and further updates will come in due time. A couple of those ideas are:


  • Pagination
  • Categorization
    • (Recruitment, services, sales, twitch streamers, etc)
  • Scrolling through the ad menu with key presses.
  • Submitting multiple ads while retaining a single space on the menu. A random ad might come up with each press from the menu, or you might be able to toggle through ads the same way as menu pages.


As far as more physical ad constructs go like ship shops, dispensers, Lua presentations, and everything in between, I'm planning to further expand things into a center that I'll run in my territory on the Sanctuary Moon. Advertisers would be able to place their constructs just like they currently do at the markets, and they'll be allowed to edit their constructs without needing DUC's consent though it remains to be seen if the player will still retain the core, or if ownership will be transferred with edit permissions given. From there, players will be able to VR or walk into the center to observe and interact with these constructs in the same way as they would now. Since only one construct is advertising whatever the advertiser is pushing, the same benefits apply here as they do at our terminals.


If the current idea is a hit and interest shows up, then this may very well come about in the future, and that should help out at the marketplaces even more. I'm excited just thinking about it.


As previously stated, I may monetize things in the form of a monthly subscription, but that all depends on how things turn out. Removals will cost less on demand but likely be free if not. Again, I might even do updates strictly on a once a month basis to keep things under control. It depends on how many advertisers we get and how far we spread. Who knows, when the mission system finally drops, updating these terminals would be an excellent side quest for random players.


Unless and until I start charging, donations of quanta and materials will always be appreciated, especially if/when I start working on that physical advertisement center.






Final Thoughts:


You do not need to be a member of the organization to advertise with us. It will likely be limited it to the staff anyway. Joining won't accomplish very much and be more or less an association and show the extent of the organization. Especially with the limit on the number of organizations you can join now, I don't expect anyone to anyway.


Advertising might not be a problem now, but I don't want to see this become one in the future, which is why I'm acting now to ensure it doesn't happen.



If you like the idea and wish to advertise, CTRL+F 'Setup:' and follow the steps.


If you have any questions or suggestions, I encourage you to comment down below.


If you want to collaborate and join in on the project, let me know, and I'll do what I can to arrange things.



Updates and announcements will be posted here as they arise. I can't wait to see where this goes!

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