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Building a space station. Questions

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Hi There,

I'm about to make my 1st attempt at building a space station.  I have a few questions and I thought if a few people contribute ideas then the thread might serve to help others as well.

1)  I assume I will need a space core.  I have begun crafting a small one.

2)  I watched a tutorial apparently if the arrow is on top then the artificial gravity will pull down  (as if its trying to pull the arrow through the block).

3)  I have a major concern.  So, what happens to my ship when I'm floating in space placing the core and building.  Wont my ship fall and smash into the planet below?

4)  With ship building, the direction of the core arrow points to the front of the ship.  Does the arrow direction matter for a station?

5)  Do I need to have landing gear to land on a space station?

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Thank you to Haunty above for the contribution.

I have completed my space station so can now answer some of the questions myself in the hopes it assists others.


CORE:  Yes, we need a space core and yes the core effects gravity direction.  My suggestion for your 1st station is to ensure the arrow is above the core and that the core is above the planet so that the gravity of the planet matches the gravity of core.  So, then if we build the landing platform between outer space and the planet gravity will assist landing.  So, gravity will pull us down onto the landing pad.


What happens to my ship whilst I'm building or placing the core:  A kind soul in support chat told me to log out and back in again so my ship would remain stationary.  Then I placed the core whilst standing on my ship.  Once the core is placed, we can go into build mode so we can move around the build area freely.  My ship stayed in place whilst I built and when I was half done I just used the move tool to place the ship.   Its hard to believe that the Devs planned for us to log out to get the ship to remain stationary.  Somebody in chat said maybe the remote control or emergency control could be used for this purpose (if you want full immersion).


ORBIT:  So, the core and therefore the station does not orbit the planet  (you dont even need to place them anywhere near a planet).  Space Stations are stationary objects.  A Space Core behaves just like a Static Core.  I'm telling you this because I originally thought they had to be orbiting a body.  


PREPERATION:   Make sure you take a Space Core with you (obviously) and its a good idea if you carry enough materials to build a basic landing pad.  I just used my personal transport (no container) and my suit had enough room for a small core and honeycombe for landing pad.

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