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How to earn money by selling crafted items at market?

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are the market buy prices (from bots) realistic?


E.g. 1 Smelter is running for 14.751 Quanta buy price.


According to my calculations the necessary pure's themselve would cost me 21.460 Q to purchase at current market price.


I do know about the skill tree but how is this feasable? One needs to take the necessary machines into consideration as well.


I am asking because I do not want to mine as a profession.

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Well you have -15% required ore and +15% gained ore when refining. Then you have less materials at crafting/alloy stages, etc. I guess it's part of the 'you need to join an org' aspect. Personally I hate time gates/daily quests in games. Would much rather have talent points be as a result of ore mined, pilot achievements/distance and industry production giving you talents.  Specific areas giving you talent points through active grinding, rather than 'well you could queue talents for a few months and come back', adds more to the game imo. 


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