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Thank you, everyone.

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Hello, it has been a long time for me, yet I still follow news of this game and communities progress.

I want to say thank you to the developers that work tediously at their stations to create the very medium by which so many stories and tales will be told.

Thank you to the supporting staff that help us with our issues on the forums, responding to tickets of all sorts of issues, be you paid or a volunteer.


Thank you to the guild leaders that have carried on through the years you've done a great job keeping people interested in the game as well as constructing mini communities that keep people active.


Thanks to all you independent contributors who endlessly pick at flaws in the rules, scratch your brains to conjure up new ideas to suggest, and keep the world of ideas turning.


Thanks to the artist's that have drawn and rendered great art works.


Even thanks to those I have clashed with in the distant past when I was active here, you've gone on to keeping people active and make it a better place when I could no longer do so. I hope all you old friends and frenemies are still doing ok regardless of who you were or are now.



Really, good job to everyone, working on the team or just a fan of the game. You should be proud.

Thank you very much for the efforts, contributions, and trying so hard.



I want to say to you all, that even though there are many heated conversations, debates, arguments even, that you are still apart of the community which is Dual Universe. You are all connected in a great web of activity and even the guy that just tricked your group into a bad deal, the guy you just argued with for 6 hours about your' org's policies, the people you just dusted in pvp; you're all brothers and sisters in the Dual Universe. I tried to think of a less corny way of saying all this, but really all that matters is I'd like to see everyone smile more, and be a little less hard on each other. Have a nice day.

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