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Ability to transfer stock between cores (virtual core)


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I run a L core factory and in a different location a S core store.


If the store and factory were both in the same core I would be able to move stock from production side to sales side automatically. Since they are in different cores there is no way to move stock (that I am aware of) other than going to one location, sticking it in your cargo and going to the next location.


400 years in the future (not counting time in deep sleep) and you are telling me we can’t have a delivery drone ?


Would it not not be possible to be able to link two cores together so they act as one larger virtual core as far as placement, linking and Lua are concerned?

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Our orgs city has been stuck for over a week as somebody has their core in the city with the RDMS wrong, the master core has no way of working out which core or any way of changing or getting rid of it unless the they find the user. Cores also need to be set so the first core in an area is the master and any sub cores can be controlled by it. May post that as a seperate suggestion latter..

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