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Server-hosted script allowances


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I just spent about 3days coding a preliminary ATC system for the org I'm in. It was working (for me) but realised the script in the tower shuts off if I wander >1km away or log off.


This makes the ATC system worthless entirely. From what I can tell, LUA currently is mostly limited to things like cargo / inventory management (or making HTML games). Which is INCREDIBLY limiting. I think it would be cool to give players/orgs an 'allotment' to run / host scripts on a server. This would allow really cool systems such as ATC, Automated taxi lanes etc to work.


For those super-serious about LUA and advanced systems like that, it could even be a 'premium' subscription option to get more allotment on the server. By allotment I mean an amount of CPU resources, and a script can be analysed to estimate how expensive the script will be on the server which takes up your allotment.


If it goes over, you get a 5 minute or whatever warning to turn it (or another script) off to bring you under the limit or scripts will be shut off automatically.

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not likely gonna happen.

NQ has said quite clearly, that lua power and reach is supposed to be lightweight implementations and not full blown OS's running empires as it makes for imbalances.

If your writing a script that needs to be online at all times, then make one of your org mates stay in the city and be responsible for keeping things liek that online,

......... or just get an alt and stand around.


wish i had better news on this for u man but this is what they are gonna limit us to since they nerfed teh screens during alpha 3 in which they blamed marketplace performance on screens and not on the billion abandoned speeders in marketplaces in the end they basically limited us to screens with no web sockets or extenal connections of any kind

OH and loading libraries from your hard drive that you pass around to your org to bypass these limitations or for any other ease of use scenario ... thats a nono too...

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