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  1. I just spent about 3days coding a preliminary ATC system for the org I'm in. It was working (for me) but realised the script in the tower shuts off if I wander >1km away or log off. This makes the ATC system worthless entirely. From what I can tell, LUA currently is mostly limited to things like cargo / inventory management (or making HTML games). Which is INCREDIBLY limiting. I think it would be cool to give players/orgs an 'allotment' to run / host scripts on a server. This would allow really cool systems such as ATC, Automated taxi lanes etc to work. For those super-serious about LUA and advanced systems like that, it could even be a 'premium' subscription option to get more allotment on the server. By allotment I mean an amount of CPU resources, and a script can be analysed to estimate how expensive the script will be on the server which takes up your allotment. If it goes over, you get a 5 minute or whatever warning to turn it (or another script) off to bring you under the limit or scripts will be shut off automatically.
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