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Conveyer Systems

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Since my first post about that a couple of years ago alot has changed. I really really like how crafting is basically as complex as in factorio!! Awesome.


What I would like to see at some point in the future would be physical conveyer systems or tube systems. It would allow for some interesting game mechanics and beauty.

I think it is not so important if you can see the items wiz around. It would be cool but there are other things that are realy cool about them.


* Conveyers need Space

    * you have to plan ahead if you want to expand

    * you can not so easily repurpose a factory

    * you can design factories that focus on easy refitting

    * you have to think about how you wanna connect stuff in an efficient way

    * there would be factory module blueprints for cetrain production chains with specific modular layouts

* Conveyers can be destroyed

    * ships would have to be designed with weak spots in mind

        * how does the fuel get to the engines

        * how the amunition to the turets -> do the guns shoot faster than the supply? build small cargo caches?

        * how the power to everything

        * how does information flow (lua control systems) an how do programs compensate for malfunctions


All this could be had by just adding one basic mechanic: the need of packets (items, power units, bits etc.) to traveling along a physicaly defined path (the conveyer) that is breakable and throughput limited.

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This is an amazing idea. I would very much like to see its implementation.
You just need to add ports for connecting the conveyor (to the entrance and exit) to the 3D building models, and the same for connecting pipes. Or make a universal inlet and outlet for pipes and tape (two in one).
Dense goods (for example boxes with screws) are moving along the conveyor. Liquid pipes (such as oil or water).
- You can see how 3D models of goods are moving along the tape. This will really bring the factory to life!
- Conveyor elevator. For vertical delivery of goods.
- Conveyor racks (for multi-level belt placement). The same goes for pipes.
- Splitter (separates 1 tape into 3), Connector (connects 3 tapes into one). Option MK2 can be programmed through Lua to filter goods for admission.
- "Pipe cross" for connecting pipes.
- Pump for pipes to deliver liquids vertically. Later, the pump will require electricity.
- Bandwidth and pipe throughput. It can be increased if you build a variant of MK2 or MK5 of these buildings. Higher-level belts in terms of design have a more "closed" version (moving goods are less visible). Option MK5 is completely closed and is similar to Hyperloop (since goods are delivered very quickly inside it).
- The conveyor will require electricity in the future.
- Support for Lua. You can find out through scripts - what is the throughput of the selected conveyor or pipe. How many goods are passing through it now, what type of goods are passing through.

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