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Tractor Beams

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In addition to the larger ship trapping a smaller one scenario, they would be a great way to facilitate docking a ship in a player made construct. 


Whether the construct is on the ground, in space or another ship, a pilot with a ship of the right size would approach at the right speed, hit a button and the construct's tractor beam would take over its movement.  They could follow scripted paths to guide ships inside and into docking bays. 

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I'm certain lots of users want this. It should be realistic in mechanics.

A true tractor beam should function much like laser holography, where the trap is a grid zone intersection of two beams, in this case though, ion beams. A large ship could keep emitters further apart, for increased range you see. The beams can keep an object of any kind held at any distance , power dependent ofcourse, perhaps linked into warp core(s).

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