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What about the people who specifically do not want to engage in pvp?


I would like to be a specialist manufacturer, buying materials from miners, making stuff and then selling the blueprints / final products.  I don't really want this to involve me dying and having to start again.  

Why should my playstyle have to be interrupted by others?  Other planets are for pvp.  If the people wanting to go there to take those risks, they will reflect this in the price of the ores and materials, thereby creating the market.


If I need to manufacture on a pvp planet, I will need to do it in a non-pvp area.  Why should I be penalised for not wanting to die every 5 minutes from someone who spends every waking moment on COD and as such wipes me out easily?


I'm happy to hear solutions to this, but industrialists shouldn't be forced to be killers too.


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On 8/28/2020 at 11:05 PM, Anomaly said:

Materials on Sanctuary hexs will eventually dry up. The drawback to crafting on Sanctuary will be having to import all of  your materials. 

+1 limiting industries on sanctuary moon will not be needed as resources will dry up quickly once people mine their own land. So they will either have to venture out to go mining which is a risk or buy it on the market which takes skill to make a profit and others will still take a risk. As the game has just come out I don’t think we need any rebalancing yet as it will happen naturally.

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