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  1. since the time we've been waiting for the end of alt+f4 to slow down xD
  2. To make people want to take risks and not stay on the moon sanctuary I propose that all industries placed on the moon sanctuary have a crafting time divided by 2 or even more.
  3. Ok thank you for your reply. So I'm going to create an account to buy it on and redo the requests to the different organizations and give it to him on the day.
  4. For Christmas I want to offer a contributor pack but I don't know how to buy it for him without him noticing that he already has an account and that I don't know his password. Is there any way to offer it to him on account without having access to it? I had thought about creating an account with a new email address and giving it to him on the day so that he could then change his account address to his email address. But the option to change his email address is disabled and it will not be his old account and so he will have to reapply. Which will be done if I can't find anything
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