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Yt Noyz

With this test period what version are we playing with?

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Just curious is all. Are we playing with an Alpha or Beta version?
Also did we get a wipe with this one and then another when the real Beta begins?

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Bet  you a dollar to a donut hole beta has a wipe. No new person paying subscription prices is gonna get in a beta live with full persistence release years behind everyone else.
And also why would they have all the downloading if all we were doing was playing a dying alpha?
Seems like they gave all the beta release content and test their stuff out and then at beta time erase it all so everyone one starts even.
Me I've lost a lot in wipes before - I don't want to go through that all again. I've paid my dues testing for them. Not complaining I signed on
to do that. But now I'm ready to move on. 

I was hoping for a DU person would give the definitive answer here.
But thanks for your thoughts tho


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That the game will wipe at the start of beta (being a soft launch) has been confirmed.


Further wipes are not unlikely but NQ has stated that if needed, you will not lose any assets as they will provide a "magic" one time blueprint for your constructs for a full instant respawn.


All of this was confirmed during the latest Live stream which you can find on the Youtube channel

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Thank you. I did watch that. Just a senior moment.
But the version we downloaded just now then is still not the beta one yet then?
So right now then no wipe has occurred.
Still sorta hurts loosing all that effort.
Full solo factory setup and all - had some great ships

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