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New Merovia Chronicle — Interview Journal

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Short good news: NMC still alive (including old crew and with some new people too) and we resuming our content creating activities! If everything goes well, you can expect fresh interivews next week.


Longer and quite transparent verision. We survived. Our "game start vacation" (planned one) sadly ended up much longer and painful (to level of not vacation at all), then we anticipated. Some pre-made plans failed, other suffered heavy (and unpleasant) alterations that demanded a lot of action. In meanwhile, trying to stay fully independent and still not found any realistic (and ethical) ways to monetize our production, we were left with only option to cover costs our in-game "projects/living" with own mining, hauling and other seriously time-consuming things... in some of which we not good at all. As cherry on top -- arrival of new members and their needs for help and guidence. Needless to say, it pilled up exteemly fast and kept me personaly very exausted (and on edge) for weeks -- situation when creative activities not an option (and DU felt like burden of second job). Granted, some my own poor desicions to blame here too.


Anyway, NMC looking to win back our old alpha readers and get some new eyes of beta folk.


I also think about how to utilise twitter from now on, but it will be gradual process, after decent revival of interviews part.


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Ok! We AT LAST back in buisness.


Interview with Jey, on economics, billions, factories, overall game disign. This is your opportunity to know how to make 70 mil of quanta per day!




Sorry for probably dodgy english (my shame!), yet I was so eager to start again... that kinda skipped on this for speed : ) It will not happen again.


Also, we bit revived twitter @nmchro on various ad hoc news (orgs/drama) like this:



And, I still working (again) on some big update-proposal for orgs (who want be more covered with obviously not fake news).


In very crude state of idea:


1) they give me "press guy/girl" rep to bother, who I can ask questions, other stuff, may be some sweet exclusive info;

2) humble NMC press ships not shot at by respective org members (at least in ideal world);

3) right to visit org facilities/territories (i still obviously follow security personel orders to not venture somewhere or vacate spot);

4) in some cases minor refuel/repair/transport help, if i got in trouble somewhere on org turf (mostly for future);


5) may be some robotized reposts of new NMC materials to their discords if possible... and not too annoying, as any news outlet its obviously most nice thing to have more readers, yet its not critical -- i guess come by eventualy, if we establish good relations.





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To be honest, our latest piece a bit controversial.


Yet, in journalism you have choices -- cover only pleasantries or follow story as it is, even if it probably not_that_sunny.



Unpromising chilly November morning  in the NMC editorial office was ignited by one short message.

Claim of new contact is bold -- he is among the insiders that regularly steals from New Genesis, an old and proud organization with distinct warrior ethos. And he is willing to talk about this with in fine detail under conditions of anonymity.


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Productive week! 

And less salt-generation (but still interesting conent today), especialy for people who thinking about pariticpating in more relaxed/friendly, but still competent style of PvP life. May be Mulligan and his atomic company is your guys.


Check it out:



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Several quick updates.


1) We now have official press ship. Its called Press NMC Nasreddin Hodja, looks like mutated black&white drill pistol (too ugly to show in polite society). Its just personal short-range shuttle -- unarmed XS, without cargo capacity or anything of real value, no warp drive too. Obviously, in practical scenario nothing will stop you from shooting into it, but at least consider not to.

>>> And in reverse. Considering "re-naming" habits of pirates, it safe to assume, that real NMC crew will not be chasing haulers in PvP zone. So think about it criticaly.


2) NMC team (little bit enforced lately by engineering-capable minds) are about to start construction orbital media-center. Its looooooong-term prospect. Ideally we aim to produce interactive content, that will be interesting for some more social and active organizations.


3) We still recruiting. Obviously more experienced "journalist types" running their own things (cheers, colleagues!). Yet if someone feels himself like passionate amateur and want to roleplay pulp-magazine story type of reporter or practice writing skills via game meta-medium (for real life use later) in relaxed atmosphere -- its probably be good connection. I myself not exactly professional and quite crippled by language barrier, but I think still can offer some help for at least total beginners in this field. Don't be shy! Yet be advised: we staying indy and doing it totaly for fun -- in-game material benefits are suprisignly minor if any!



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Good time for some short 2020 summary.


Rough year.


Yet I glad, that I spend good portion of it in involvement with DU community. May sound bit flattering (but utterly true!) -- best game community I even seen in my 20+ years of online gaming, so many smart, funny and suprisingly friendly people at one place! Obviously, we have our arguments and stuff, but I never felt such "at home" anywhere else in virtual realms. This community is greatest success of DU. Special cheers to folks at Meme Server.


To be honest, we at NMC (3 of us, 2 my buddies just less public) experienced quite a crisis of interest over game itself with 0,23 (as combination of grind attack and other issues)... so our "newspapper" activities a bit freezed as winter come (and we were sucked into other games). I personaly feel little bit ashamed for this... but just can't force myself currently. We still have 2 large articles "WIP" and plan realease them during january, I hope things bit revive and get pace from there. Holiday rest from DU also will help. Beyond couple of articles, we have some other projects in mind for better times -- special thanks to @IvanGrozniy with mega-secret tech wonders.


Stay safe and healthy folks. See you in 2021.





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