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Changes in the Community Management Team!


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Dear Community members,


A few changes are happening in the Community Team at the moment and it's necessary to make some clarifications about it:

- For those who remember NQ-Nunc, if it wasn't clear, he has left the team for quite some time now.
- NQ-Nomad is still there, but is investing a significant amount of time in many internal tasks related to live operations and project management.
- I'm still there, obviously, but I have to divide my time between reporting the community feedback, working on some internal tasks, as well as working on some projects for the future that should lead to some QoL on tools at the disposal of the Community (more info on that later ;)).
- NQ-Naerais has joined the team this week! If you want to say "Hi", you can do it in this forum thread. :D 


We know a fair number among you wanted more interaction with the Community Management team, and some changes are planned in the (very) near future on that topic! :) 


Best Regards,

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