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Super Confused

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but how you guys have set up your pledging is super confusing.  When I go to see if I want to pay to play your game and pay for the  $60 Contributor pack I first off notice that there is no such indication that you have to subscribe up front, which to me is dishonest,  only after searching around did I find that I would also have to pay for a subscription.  Also if I did buy the game for $60 and I did not know that after I paid for the game I would now also have to continue to pay a subscription I would be very upset especially how the subscription information is hidden away. 


The next thing that I would like to say and ask, is if I were to buy the game I see that I would receive 3 Dual Access Coupons with each coupon equals 30 days of free gameplay.  So what does that mean?  is that 30 calendar days, or 30 days (30 x 24 = 720 hours)  of time I spend in the game? So if I login and play for 4 hours do I still have 716 hours left until I need to use my next  Dual Access Coupon? 


Also it says that I can use in game currency to buy more  Dual Access Coupons.  Does that mean I can grind and work in the game to pay for a new Dual Access Coupon without ever having to spend any more real money on this game, or does that mean I use real money to buy in game money to then buy more Dual Access Coupons?


And finally the last confusing thing,  is if I buy the game now it says  "The game Server may only be available during specified testing periods. The dates & times of upcoming server tests can be seen at the top of the DU homepage or on the server status page ."  I than clicked on the the server status page  link and it said that the access start date for Alpha 2   is on  November 28, 2019 - 14:00 UTC (which is tomorrow)  through  December 02, 2019 - 14:00 UTC  for only  96:00 hours, and if I  Pledge now I can get access now even though it says it starts on November 28, 2019 - 14:00 UTC (which is tomorrow).  Also does this mean that if I pledge now I only get to play for 96:00 hours, or does it mean I have only 96:00 hours to sign up until I can not get access to play until the next window of opportunity to pledge and start playing the game?


Please help me understand these questions.


Thank you.

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