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All information about the official Discord server

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Hi guys, 


Over the years, Discord has become a key communication tool between players during online games and MMOs, as well as a way to keep in touch with development studios.

Dual Universe's community has been no exception to this. It has become clear that Discord is an essential element in maintaining an active community, gathering instantaneous feedback when needed, and connecting with Dual Universe’s ever-expanding playerbase.

That's why all players are encouraged to join if they want to discuss the game with other players. This is in no way mandatory, however, as important announcements will also be made on our other communication channels, such as the official forum and our website.

Please note that, as announced in the past, the server was originally created by the dedicated players from the community. As most players were already connected to this server, they kindly agreed to transfer ownership to Novaquark when we decided to provide an official Discord server. Please give them huge thanks for this.

This thread aims to answer common questions about Discord and the official server. Once connected to the server, we also encourage you to read the #frequently-asked-questions channel.



What is Discord?


Discord is a free-to-use voice, video, and text application. It is one of the best tools for communication between players from all around the globe, and currently has tens of millions of users. It is available on PC, smartphones, or on your web browser.

For more information, you can check their website and especially the help center.



How to join the Dual Universe server?


Go to https://discord.gg/dualuniverse:

  • If you are already logged in with a Discord account, you will be presented with an invitation page where you can "Accept the invitation".
    After accepting, you will then have access to the server from your server list in the left menu sidebar.
  • If you do not currently have a Discord account, you will be prompted for a username before accessing the server.
    Please note that doing so will not create an account just yet, but Discord will propose you to do so. After this, just follow the prompts.
  • If you you are not logged in, but have an account, there is also a link at the bottom to login.


After joining, please take the time to read the server rules in the #server-information channel.


If you are new to Discord, they have a useful help center which can help you understand the interface and settings ;)



How is moderation done?


Like most official Discord servers, moderation works far more efficiently as a community effort. We'd like to thank the moderation team, made up of chosen community members, for their dedication to making our Discord server a great place to discuss everything related to the game.


A big part of this team is made out of the people responsible for the creation of the server, as they were already experienced and happy to help. We greatly appreciate their commitment!



How to sort out conflicts on Discord?


If, as a user, you encounter any issue on our official Discord server, please contact the moderation team first.
Should the moderation team not be able to resolve the issue, only then should you contact the Novaquark staff with their permission to do so.


In the latter case, please make sure that:

  • You have tried your best to solve the issue with the moderators first.
  • The problem is genuine, and you include facts and evidence (not hypotheses, assumptions, or hearsay).


What is "linking my Discord account"?


By default, there is no link between Dual Universe game accounts and Discord accounts:

  • Anyone can create a Discord account and set the nickname they want.
  • In the Dual Universe game, forums, or websites, the same person may have a different name.


This is fine and normal.

However, on the Dual Universe Discord server, there are also restricted channels under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for players who have access to the Alpha. Some roles are also associated to backer titles (for those who want to display them).

For those who want to, it is thus possible to match their Discord account with their Dual Universe account. We call this process "linking" your accounts. It is entirely optional, but this is the only way to access channels under NDA. The linking process is done from the community portal, on the page where you edit your profile. It is as simple as clicking on a button and accepting the Discord prompt (you may need to login to Discord first). You can see a step-by-step guide below.

Once completed, a custom bot made by Novaquark will update your roles and your nickname on the Dual Universe Discord server (just give it a few minutes, it manages thousands of players!).



What is the bot exactly doing?


For all players who have linked their Discord account:

  • It gives them the "Verified Identity" role.
  • It changes their Discord nickname to match their Dual Universe name on the DU server.
  • If they have access to the Alpha, or if they are an ATV member, it gives them the corresponding roles.
  • If they have backed the game, and chosen to show the corresponding title, it also gives them the corresponding role (like "Gold Founder" for example).


For all players who have not linked their Discord account, it removes any of the above roles.

It also applies the same actions to players who unlink their accounts.


Pro tip: As long as a Discord user has the "Verified identity" role, you know who you are talking to, as their nickname is guaranteed to be the same in-game and on the forums. Please note, however, that this only works on our official Discord server.



Step by step guide for linking your accounts


  • On the community portal, go to your profile, click on ‘edit’,and go to the Discord tab:
  • Click on the "Link my Discord account" button.You will be redirected to Discord.
  • If requested, login to your Discord account:
  • Discord will now ask you to allow the application to access your username.
    Click on "Authorize":
  • You will be redirected to the Community Portal, where a confirmation message should pop up at the top of the page:


Note that we only record your Discord id, name, and discriminator (the four digits near your username) when you link your Discord account.



How to unlink your Discord account


  • On the community portal, go to your profile, click on ‘edit’,and go to the Discord tab:
  • Click on the "unlink your account" link at the bottom.

  • The page will refresh and a confirmation message should pop up at the top of the page:


Note that unlinking deletes all information previously recorded (id, name, and discriminator).

We hope this helps! 




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