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Sente is a small group of friends, knowing each others before entering Novark, and heading for Alioth, on an 10.000 years long trip. Now out of our Cryosleep, we want to discover our new home, and the people we will share it with.


Before making any big plans, we will concentrate on the task at hand : settling. It doesn’t matter if we do it on Alioth, on its moon, on another planet or asteroid, or even on a ship. We need to find a place to learn back what the cryogenic process make us forget.


After that ? Who knows… It’s a new world, so we will see what it have to offer.


Orientation :

Sente is a small group of friends, with no define objectives for now. We will learn and watch, before making plans. At first, we will mostly look for a place to settle, and then concentrate on our mining/building skills.


Application :


We have no intention of expanding ourselves for now, so including new members will be a situational decision.


Diplomacy :

  • Member of INA, the Inter-Neutral Assembly (CONAMI signed).



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Good luck with your group!!!! If you ever desire to live in space feel free to visit the city!


And for now, in friendship and respect!

Greetings Aaron

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I, Yuuyake, on the behalf of Sente, as his diplomatic representative, formally sign the CONAMI, on the 1st of May 2019.

Sente is now an member of INA, the Inter-Neutral Assembly.





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