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Detecting combat within the forcefields/territory

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As I currently understand it we are getting these force field units to cover structures. I'm also assuming that these force fields can get big enough to cover a city (domes).


Within the proposed force field unit, if someone were to fire a weapon causing damage to structure or another player, would there be a way for the city/org to detect who and what shot the weapon? I feel like it would make sense if force fields were able to scan/read high energy events within the force field so this way if something happened, whoever investigates can check a log or get an alert to the incident and figure out who the person was. This would help the org/police forces/investigators of a big city find people and figure out what happened and decide if they want just simply kill, exile etc.


This might also promote stealthy ways to hurt people inside a city without automatically alerting authorities. (Melee, primitive weapons etc)


Tell me what you think of this idea or let me know if there is already a plan in regards to what I'm saying.

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