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Hi I'm new.

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Ok, lets get the simple bits out of the way.


Hi, I'm new. Coming across from eve online (although playing that until I see how good this is), with some other members of the corp that I am in.


So far very impressed considering the game is in Alpha.


Looking forward to playing more in the future.


Thanks ❤️ Keep up the good work Novaquark.



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Hiiiiiiiii welcome here, this is not right place for introductions, but We welcome you anyways :)

Do keep the NDA in mind, we cannot say everything in a general channel but i think you are safe :)


Well, if you are into specialty builds or other things, Good luck and always feel free to share thoughts and ideas. I love to chat with fellow visionairs :)


Greets from the City that never sleeps Tranquility



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