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Winter Holiday Shipbuilding - Vital Statistics Suggestion/Request

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With respect to the shipbuilding contest that is very exciting to anticipate both with respect to gameplay, design, voxel skill, sci-fi immersion etc,


I would like to add that relevant information to the above in the presentation of the winners (and others showcased if so), would include:-


1. Materials Used

2. Time Taken To Build (or voxel stats if that is possible), perhaps even in game cost in currency too?

3. Inspiration of the design, problems faced and overcome

4. Flight Information: How successful it is at flying, what variables in the script might have been successfully optimized? Perhaps measured across some standard benchmarks?

5. Demonstration of said spaceship constructs IN ACTION, eg flying or hauling cargo (total capacity), number of crew involved, flights undertaken successfully eg from Planet A to B?

6. Other functions that are relevant to the spaceships eg elevators, anti-grav devices, atmospheric rockets vs space rockets and more.

7. Possible comparisons between ships

8. What criteria for the winners? Aesthetic, Functional, Original, Performance, Use Case etc


It's nice to read this info but even better if in a video of it is all shown.


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I understand your interest in this. Though some of this information is not known by NQ and players are under NDA and are not allowed to disclose some of the information you are asking for. So the things that can be provided will be very limited. If I'm one of the winners im more than happy to show what I used as inspiration for my ship. And that last question I'm also very interested in. They were very vague in their discription of what exactly they wanted from us.

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