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The Solar Empire, The Beginning Part 1

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Dylans eyes open and he soon realizes hes covered in sweat. The glass window infront of him was frosted over which made it incapable of seeing through. He was panting heavily and looking all around inside his ice coffin, confused he banged on the glass. 


"Help!", he screamed.


A voice fizzled in and out in response to his voice.


"H...Hello?", he asked.


"GrEEtinglaaaaast Surviver of a-a-a-a-a-ark shhhh---ip D-d-d-d-deeeeees--tiny.", a mechanical voice spurted out a glitchy response.


"Who the hell....wait....you sound familiar....", Dylan said.


"I-I-I-I am the v-v-v-v----oice y-ou chose wh-en yo-u entered the ark shi---p", the voice said. "To you, I am Michael.", it announced.


"What...whats....thats...thats my husbands name.....", he said as his eyes widened. "Were is he? Is he on here? Did he make it with me? Did he tell me----", he stopped mid sentence and clutched his head in pain.


"Try not to t-t-talk to muuu-ch, you're body is freshly warmed up from cryogenic stasis....", Michael said as his voice began to become less and less glitchy. "Youre husband was among one of the many pods that I had to eject into space to conserve power for the Alpha pod that you are in.", it explained.


"What?!", Dylan screamed.


"fear not Dylan. Every section that was jettisoned had a onboard guidance system and enough power to make it to the nearest hospitable planet. If my calculations are correct he should of landed on a nearby planet at the same time you did.", the machine explained further.


Dylan let out a sigh of relief and pounded on the glass some more before the door opened up sideways. The room was dark and humid, something similar to earth and his home state of Florida. He lurched forward and grabbed the sides of his frosted pod and pulled himself out. He was met with a shower of sparks from above in which caused him to look above. Thousands upon thousands of other pods adorned the walls of the ship. But something was off, the life support lights were all off on many of them.


"M..michael?", He asked.


"yes sir?", the machine responded.


"What...happened?", he asked as he made his way down an illuminated path to the other side of the room.


"Due to a meteor shower on approach to our current system, I was forced to down the arkship in hopes to preserve some of its passengers.", the machine said regretfully.


"But everyones dead....", Dylan said with his shaky voice.


"Affirmative. All the models that I were able to test before total control systems failure showed a massive loss of life with sufficient amount of human life preserved to continue on with the task of rebuilding civilization.", the machine said.


Dylan reached the door on the far end of the room and slammed his fist on the door panel. The door opened slowly causing the sunlight from outside to crack through the door. It was too bright for Dylans eyes, which haven't seen light in over 10,000 years mind you. But he adjusted quite well as he stepped out into the hallway. He squinted and blinked his eyes to slowly accustom them to this new sunlight. The room came into clearer view. A long hallway that went the length of the arkship with windows that lined it all the way forward and back. The windows infront of him though were completely broken and the outside air was seeping into the hallway. He took a deep breath of this unfamiliar worlds air. 


"Welcome to Corazun Oro. Welcome home Dylan.", Michael said.


Dylan stepped forward out of the window onto solid ground. He felt the earth beneath his feet and felt the cool refreshing breeze of wind blowing quietly past him. 


"Its not home yet....not until we get to work."


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