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Dynamic Floating Core Unit


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Air, Space, Land, ok these are places for adventure but, for me, there is a lack : the Sea

I mean, if a team wants to give huge ressources to another one.. you must declare permissions on the very tiny 128 m3 container.


1 / In my idea, it will be possible to build huge ship like tanker or container ship, the bigger interest is to ship a huge volume of material with a small engine...( like in reality where a tanker uses a very small engine if you compare it to the global mass of the ship ). In this case, the tanker could be declared like a vaste container ! ( For a builder like me, 128 m3 it's just a joke....) You could send a ship close to the shore and declare it like a primay container ...Then, build  a town or a base or harbor will be made easier.


2 / Second interest : have an another surface for adventure, you need to protect a fleet for example, just like the Navy ! ( On the oceans, the territory hexagons must be removed...a the planet will must be bigger )


3 / Third  interst : low fuel to move huge masses like a tanker in reality.




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Um, sounds very nostalgic to me considering we have units on our arms that can store substantial amounts of material, as well as storage containers that can hold multiple times more than their exterior dimensions would indicate - you know, science! :D


However demanding that NQ do things is not the best way to get them on your side......


In light of this I doubt that NQ will remove the hexagons as there is land under the sea to build bases on.....


If your transport, of whatever form, hits the boundary of a hexagon that is blocking entry then you, just like others, will have to find a way around it. Most in DU will be flying so getting around something shouldnt be a major issue. You should also ensure you have protection/escorts on such a mission as pirates be everywhere!


BTW there is nothing stopping you from making the containers themselves, maybe with the normal NQ storage units inside. It would be another matter entirely if a "ye olde" container system would be widely used, if at all.


Just my 2c worth.





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