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[NON-CANON] "Generally Bad Idea"

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Hello folks! It's one of your Directors, John Arby.

If a Director has directed you towards this, you probably thought of a "Generally Bad Idea". Depending on severity, you may find a sudden lack of will to live if you have been executed.

You may be wondering, "What is a Generally Bad Idea?"

In order to have a GBI, it must follow at least two (2) of this criteria:

 1.) It is potentially lethal to SYN's workforce. It gets upgraded to an RFBI (defined later).

 2.) It can cause undue harm to SYN's workforce or workplace.

 3.) It can cause legal problems, which can be upgraded to a "Really Fucking Bad Idea", or a RFBI for short. The acronym was purposely chosen that way because it get's the FBI to our place.

 4.) It can cause social harm, such as a revolt.

 5.) It is cost-ineffective and will cause losses.

 6.) It can cause mass-harm to the public. (Please read Section V54-Sub 7 for a definition and thresholds.)

 7.) It benefits enemies, whether directly or indirectly. Execution may follow.

 8.) It can cause unsavory public presence.

If you find a GBI, please report it to your supervisor.


Here's a list of things to do if you think of a GBI or a RFBI.

 1.) Don't do that idea.

 2.) Do not copulate. Doing so may result in being summarily execution for both parties.

 3.) Do report yourself to a supervisor.

This may be harsh, so please read and say aloud this sentence: "I pledge my soul to the SYNNERS, for they saved me, and I'll save others."

If you do not feel a tingling in your skull, that'd be your implant malfunctioning. Report yourself to a supervisor.


Have a nice day!

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