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Core Design has been created by its CEO, CoreVamore, a Dual Universe builder and Industrialist.


Core Design is the gathering place for associates, partners and clients of the Core Design community.


Core Design focuses on its two main projects:


  • A space ship design, called the Nomad, that will go through many iterative designs, improving over time as Dual Universe develops, and...




  • "Project Two" - details of which will be released at a future date.


Core Design's focus on quality, performance and excellence in design should ensure competitive and fun products.


Core Design hopes that its products will touch the lives of every Dual Universe citizen, at some point, as they journey through Dual Universe.


Time will tell.....


So watch this space as we help shape Dual Universe.


*** Update - see new vision two posts down ***





CEO - Core Design



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Core Design recognises that spreading yourself thin over multiple projects and designs, while at the same time exploring Dual Universe in all its facets, is only for those that are time rich; which unfortunately is very few of us.


With this in mind today Core Design is throwing its doors open to all those artisans that are time restricted,  are prepared to work on one to three of their own projects, and believe the Core Design Values of:


  • Iterative product design improvement,
  • Product performance improvement and enhancement,
  • Material and Element upgrades where applicable,
  • To hone your craft and eventually excel.
  • To be Client and DU Community Focused,
  • All coupled with the desire to make your products shinier and sexier,


In essence, a desire and dedication, to make your small group of products, the best they can be.


These are the values of Core Design.


The Core Design Vision: Artisans engaged with their products, helping their fellow Core Design artisans, together building one of Dual Universe's Premier Design Studios.


Its as simple as that.


So if you are interested drop me a line.






Core Design





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