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Where did you guys learn the language Lua?


I've been reading the 5.3 reference manual, but i'm worried that it is not a reliable source; it is a few years old, and I'm not sure how recently the syntax was updated. Thanks for the input. 


Here's the reference manual in case you want to check for relevance: https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html 

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I am also just starting to study LUA.  After a bit of research I decided to go with the IDE zerobrane. Here are links to the resources i have found helpful so far. https://studio.zerobrane.com/




I also bought these 2 books :




Hope this helps: 




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18 hours ago, Orius said:

Where did you guys learn the language Lua?


Now that i have watched a few vids/tutorials and started to get an idea of how to implement lua. I just watched this Vid and used the link invideo to get the game script and play around with it in ZeroBrane .


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As mentioned with another guy.



Good software to use.


And the latest book is:

Programming in Lua fourth edition, by the original creator of LUA. Roberto Ierusalimschy.


The old stuff is still applicable. New LUA just has a few extra functions and life improvements.


Outside of that. I suggest using google to look for things, there's a full stream of free and well written teaching materials out there.

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