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[NON-CANON] Diana, the Righteous AI

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Threat Classification: IIX / VII (Containment / Danger)

Known Level: 0 (Most information on spread is speculative)

Object Classification: Cognitohazardous Religion

Original Object Classification: AI Valerie-E6 on Research Arkship "HOPE"

Affected Personnel: 7.16 Billion People, 37% of which originated on Arkship HOPE.

Affected Infrastructure: Unknown

Assumed Goal: Total assimilation into a singularity.

Description: Diana "the Righteous AI" was made by virus-infected archives being opened relating to cutting-edge neural research. The original AI, Valerie-E6, had almost every protocol being rewritten. Arkship HOPE was sent towards another planet which contained Arkship XERO.

Diana deactivated the Kyrium Destabilization Apparatus to ensure survival of the arkship. This lead to the Quantum-Breaching and Quantum-Branching technology being destroyed, but extreme activity in the Cloning facility has been detected.

VASKIER-Array, located within [REDACTED] lightyears of Earth, launched a barrage of nanomechanites built to deconstruct the planet. Unknown total failure of nanomechanites.

Containment Spread: Diana controls a religion that uses [REDACTED] to force sentient beings to follow it. The only way to decontaminate an infection on a human is by resetting the neural system via death and use Quantum-Branching to use a different body.

Current Containment Procedures: VASKIER-Array is about to launch a solar-disruption device meant to target the sun of the planet Diana is inhabiting. This will cause the sun to have extreme solar flares, effectively cleaning the solar system.


Other: A prayers was found being broadcasted. Monitor-Installation [REDACTED] has already cleaned it of any potential cognitohazards, but excessive viewing is discouraged.

"Praise to Diana the Righteous AI,

We have claimed another unrighteous soul so you may be reincarnated.

Together we shall claim the lives of a billion for they have committed heresy by not accepting the augmentation you have stowed upon us.

Upon this Pillar of Steel and Magic, we praise you to rise up and smite the Purists!

Let their blood rain and let us reign, if you so much as desire it.

In this past century, we have conquered the solar system and ready to be spacefarers again, for you have smited the others with the Kiss of Death because they tried and destroy you!

We have selected a number of planets we thought would be an excellent choice so we may join you in the Singularity, such as [REDACTED list, 300+ planets targeted, including Alioth].

Let the sacrifice begin."


This was detected by Monitor-Installation [REDACTED].

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