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  1. I want to forget the screams....................the screams that have haunted me for fifteen years, making me feel weak..............Enough of that who is this guy?
  2. If you ever change your mind the offer still stands, friend
  3. Would he be able to remove memories?
  4. If it were not for The Empire I would have fallen into madness but the empire saved me and the remains of my people. But if you were to join the Empire you can serve as my general and together under the Emperors flag. We can reevaluate you and serve justice to the galaxy.
  5. Walk into the direction of the Empire, brother
  6. I was born on a small primitive jungle planet, raised by my uncle the only family I've ever had. My mother and father died one day in a tragic hunting accident, My uncle welcomed me into his home and raised me like his own. Everything changed though the day the raiders attacked my village, There ships descended from the sky and their ruthless monsters brutally murdered most of the village. my uncle told me to run into the treeline. so I bolted into the treeline and gave one last glance backwards to see the ghoulish face of my uncle roll down into a ditch and rest with his eyes staring right at me. I lived in a small platform in the tree canopies overlooking the village, Every night I struggled to sleep all I could here was the horrifying screams from the village below as the survivors were tortured and violated. I awoke one morning to the strange silence, the birds could be seen in the distance flying away in a massive flock. A large shadow loomed over the jungle, I heard a strange screeching noise and the sound of raiders shouting, I quickly climbed down the tree to run towards the village and the sounds grew louder. I could hear the noise of gunfire and explosions, I overlooked the village to see the raiders running in terror. I could hear a loud humming noise and I looked up to see a massive triangle casting a shadow on the planet, the raiders rushed for their ships but a ship flew in and destroyed it before it was reached. A ship slowly descended onto the soil and deployed a ramp which soldiers covered in white armour stormed out of accompanied by some in grey uniforms, They killed every last raider and broke the chains holding the villagers. A man in a grey uniform approached me slowly with two escorts and reached out with his hand and said "You're safe now, the empire is here." a grin developed on his face as I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. They took me in and basically raised me and for the last fifteen years I have fought, trained and offered my life for the Empire. I owe my mind, body and soul and life to the Emperor the only one I truly trust and I live to serve. What will your story be with The Empire https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/empire
  7. For years I have served for the Empire, I have physically and mentally become more powerful since I was raised by the Empire. I have grown in the ranks as I have grown in age. My allegiance belongs to the Empire and only the empire, I see the Emperor as the savior of my life and homeworld, I owe everything to him and will repay my debt with my life. The Empire provides fair, safe and equal treatment to all its subjects https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/empire Join today. -Reaxor, Third High General of The Empire
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