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UN active dev team? Maybe abandoned game?

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I bought this game back last last year.  I put it on the back burner.  A week ago I followed up on the website an saw a alpha test on the 12th.  When i tried to upgrade pledge it would not seemto countthe fact I had one.  Hence it kept trying to sell me a 60 dollar pledge.  So I did the reasonable thing.  I emailed the support and help team.  A week later no eail reply, or anything.  Almost no copy of my order as well.


Yet here is my orignal order, and well for a non responsive dev team you make most other MMOS teams look great,  CU, REND and so many others respond to emaisl espicaily from peolpe who placed orders and are trying to hand over more money.



Purchase confirmation

Product Dual Universe
Transaction number 284908920
Transaction date 08/28/2017
Merchant Xsolla
Purchase description Iron Supporter Pack
Details 16449
Iron Supporter Pack €15
Subtotal €15

Payment system fee


So I proved I bought he game and it wont let me upgrade.  Shall we take bets this team wont reply either, hence not worth handing over more money to?

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The website has been having issues lately. (which should be fixed as of today) - Rest assured however, that the support team is very active and is not an abandoned game. If you still have not received a reply by now to your email - submit a ticket via the proper support page: https://support.dualthegame.com. (Be aware that, it is currently holiday season and as such may not get a reply as soon as you submit the ticket. But will get one as soon as they can) 

If you still have issues thereafter, contact one of the Community Managers (Nyzaltar or Nomad) who will be more than happy to help you out :)



~ Meldrik

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