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My name is BandaTalk, aka Gifti Banda.  I am the chief executive of the Alioth Fire Office and the owner of BandaTalk’s Coffeehouse. 


The ALIOTH FIRE OFFICE is an investment banking organization devoted to serving primarily the shipping/hauling and commodities/mining industries within the DU.  My initial services will include, but not be limited to, acting as an underwriter for bond and stock offerings.  I also intend to act as a private investor and will invest in the bonds and stocks of other organizations.  


AFO will NOT accept deposits and will NOT participate in any form of commercial, retail or private banking.  You are not giving me your money to hold, you are simply shifting your financial liability to me in exchange for a premium. 


The AFO’s real estate properties are planned to include AFO headquarters on the Sanctuary Moon and BandaTalk’s Coffeehouse in Tortuga City.


You can join by clicking on the links below:







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