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What kind of city or base would you like to build.

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Eventually, a nice little bar of questionable character, for questionable individuals called  "The Cat Box" or "The Busted Screw" stuck on the side of an asteroid somewhere.

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Well, if at all possible, the first big goal I would have is to setup an asteroid base. This would require access to space first, but considering the size of the game I'm not counting that as a "big goal" regardless of how long it takes or how expensive it is at first.
I would like to find a rather large asteroid, and begin burrowing into either the side or top of it. Err.. no. I would decide if it was the side or top then burrow, seeing as there's no gravity in space... Anyways, I'm going off-topic to much.
I'd have a large hangar door in the "top" of the asteroid where I could store a few fighter-craft and one moderately sized ship, and the base would mostly be inside the asteroid, though there would be other small/medium sized landing pads and large windowed sections. Weapons would, of course, be mounted somewhere for defense. The base would be able to house maybe 10-30 people, though I doubt it would reach that capacity, and it would hopefully be the home of a mining operation as well. As time progresses defensive platforms and factories may be established in/on/around the initial asteroid and any surrounding asteroids.
I imagine if I manage to do this I would profit somewhat from the resources I gather, and could make even more by repairing/selling ships and fuel. Maybe sell/rent land or something on nearby asteroids and start up a small town. From there I would move on to bigger and better things, if I believed I could manage it, sell the asteroid and move on.
This would be more a group undertaking though, but I have hope.

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