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Blueprint fun


Opinions on blueprints  

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  1. 1. Do you think there should be a system to compare blueprints on the market?

    • No blueprint checking
    • Yes, compare blueprints.
  2. 2. Should constructs made from blueprints be allowed to be made into a blueprint itself?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Only with the original author's permission
    • Only if more than for example 50% has been modified
  3. 3. Should blueprints bought from the market be single/limited use?

    • Single use
    • A few uses limited by the creator's/builder's skill level
    • Unlimited uses

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Do you think there should be a system in place to determine if blueprints are similar and impose an action on the reseller?

What would prevent a player buying a blueprint off the market, building it, saving it as a blueprint and then selling it on the market as his own possibly underbidding the original seller?

Should a construct obtained from a blueprint be flagged as unable to be blueprinted itself regardless of modifications?

Should there be an option to add modified versions of a blueprint and selling them as variants?

Would the original creator be able to select which variants would be allowed to be marketed?

Possibly allowing the creator of the original blueprint to tax the modified versions?

Also do you think blueprints should be single use/limited use or unlimited uses?


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"Absolutely. Any construct made from a blueprint will not be "blueprint-able" again, unless you allow it. This is a fundamental game mechanics to avoid the industry to collapse"






"Yes, physical ships will be sellable. You can sell them as one of a kind, so, a bit out of the normal supply/demand market, but we will introduce a validation system that will stamp a ship as being identical to a given blueprint reference, so that you can trust what it is before you buy (and they can be sold on the in-game markets, being undistinguishable and therefore tradable in bulks)."





1. No BP checking because it's not needed. Since ships will come in any size, shape and configuration it's pretty useless to compare two BPs. 

It would be way better to have a powerful search engine in the market terminal to search for exactly what you need. Like number of engines, turrets and other elements Like radar, shields, armor,..... Also other factors like general size, lua codes included/excluded, other buyers,.... would be good


2. Obviously no or only with perms


3. Skill based, since Du will rely heavy on char skills


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I can't vote in the poll, because the options are too limited.


1. To trade BPC's (blueprint copies) effectively, we'll need:

  • the ability to see the build requirements (materials and skills) of BPC's traded on the market.
  • the ability to see the "Engineering Report" stats for the construct that will be built from that BPC, otherwise you'll be buying "blind".
  • the ability to see an image of the construct built from the BPC, because each one will be unique (unlike EVE where ship shapes are pre-defined).

       The ability to compare one or more BPC's will be a "nice to have", but it's not essential.


2. The person creating the BPC should have the ability to specify whether further blueprinting from the manufactured construct will be allowed. A simple "Yes/No" option will probably suffice, because it will be impossible to control based on "% of difference", due to that being extremely easy to exploit.


3. The person that creates the BPC should be able to specify the amount of "runs" that the BPC will produce. There's no need for complications in this area.

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