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Different kinds of Auxiliary-Ships

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Since we have a Nano-Former in this game (a device which can deploy just about any material), I propose a 3D-printing Mechanical-Arm than can be fitted to an Auxiliary-Ship for Repair-purposes. They can weld back a damaged-ship and provide that support of Repair to a fleet. If we have such technology as Nano-Formers, ofcourse this Mechanical-Arm can Cast(Repair) anything. How does the Arm work? Hydraulic-Actuators and remote-controlled! (just like fly-by-wire, the electrical-control is converted to mechanical-movement)



The Arm must have a Welding-Torch (it's Torch and Filler in 1-Nozzle). Make it spark when you are doing Repairs due to Arc. Add a time-mechanics to the Repair. To Repair, it takes time. 



Look at this Ship in the picture below. Do you see that Hydraulic-Crane/Hoist in the back? This is an example of where we can fit a Mechanical-Arm. This is an Auxiliary-Ship, it's purpose is nothing but to provide support.




Also, give us Replenishment-Tanker/Refueler-technology. The Fueler has a remote-controlled-Drogue, and the input-Ship has a fixed-Probe(an intake to receive the Fuel). This Replenishment-Tanker is another Auxiliary-Ship that will provide support of Fuel-Replenishment. This Ship is designed to accommodate large volumes of Fuel through it's Fuel-Tanks. With their help, they can increase another Ship's Range or Endurance through Refueling. Add a time-mechanics to Refueling (it will take time to channel all the fuel needed).  







Another thing that I would like to talk about is the concept of Resupplying. 

An Auxiliary-Ship can arrive, shoot a line, and through that line, we can send Crates from Ship to another Ship. Inside these Crates are Supplies to increase a Ship's Endurance. Things like Ammunition, and any necessary Materials to keep an operation going (Food, if we are gonna have such mechanics).



Another method of Resupplying is through Air-Drop.



One last thing for an Auxiliary-Ship is a Hospital-Ship like USS Mercy. It will pick up the corpses of the dead and bring them aboard their ship (to make sure that their bodies do not get looted). They can also provide Fresh-Crew capable of performing necessary duties to another Ship and replace the dead. For example, a Ship is short of Gunners because most of them died when the Ship was hit. The Hospital-Ship will pick up the dead, or they themselves will loot the dead (to prevent them from being looted) and stay out of the crossfire (this means less risk, thus, their loots are safer), while also replacing the dead-crew with fresh-ones(different Players). When you die in this game, it might help if somebody can save your ass. Without any sort of Medical-Mechanics implemented to this game (which I support the idea of having one) then the Hospital-Crew can board my Ship, loot my body and run away, then give it back to me after.


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