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Ship Weapon Programming


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I'm unsure if this has been posted before so bear with me.


I was wondering how the player will be able to work with onboard weapons of ships like small fighters. Will the player be able to link the weapons so they may fire multiple simultaneously or will fighters on have one main that they may operate(I've seen elsewhere that one gun means one player)?


If we can somehow link the weapons, would we be able to control sequence of fire in any way? Or be able to link different groups of weapons to different keys?


Any help is appreciated, this post should be treated as informational with responses so please keep it civil if you disagree with someone.

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Generally NQ stated that you will need multiple crew members to control the ships guns. So no one man Battleships. 

see dev blog here: 


The details of that are not yet published. Also as far as I know there are also no Informations yet about front facing "fighter style" weapons. 

However since a lot of the in game elements (engines, thrusters etc.) will work with Lua Scripting I think you will be able to program the weapons to a degree (no full automation). 


If I had to speculate, I would guess that they will limit the number of connections you can make from a control station to guns. 

So a normal fighter cockpit might only be able to connect to 1-2 weapons, while a specialized "gunner control station" might be able to control more. Perhaps even depending on skill / tech level. 


But again, there are no details about the specifics of this available yet. 

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While the above is accurate, on a best case scenario, you can simply fire multiple turrets in a "volley" by scripting a rudimentary "logic" trigger.. That means no targeting around in a periscope fashion, you have to "aim" your whole ship to hit a person with a volley, like the sailboats of 1700s sidebarrages, or a fixed nose gun on a fighter.

And I say "best" cause we don't know if they will allow for guns to be scripted in any way, shape or form.

And you may say "that best case sounds fine", it's not once you consider angular velocities and how they aim to emulate hit chances in-game with an algorithm.

It may be a good thing for stealth ships, able to get within range undetected and pummeling a ship before it can raise shields or simply retaliate, but like in any other MMOs, a full party will outperform your solo actions, more heads, better performance in general. And if you get immobilised and "de-fanged?" ?? You cabe boarded and overcame by a boarding party.


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