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Will Blueprints be Viewable


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I thought this might be the best place to post, since it has to do with blueprints, although it is also somewhat of an art question.


Does anyone know whether blueprints will be actually viewable in the game, like a schematic, or whether they are just supposed to be electronic files that only make sense to a factory unit?


The reason I ask, is because I think it would be neat to be able to make a desktop background / screensaver slide out of your favorite ship blueprints. (Hence the "art" aspect.")


I realize that it could pose problems from a blueprint security standpoint, since it might be easier to reverse-engineer a viewable blueprint, but then again, the blueprint wouldn't be divided into voxels, so....


Maybe this could be limited to Master Blueprints, or specific blueprints that have had this option enabled by the original designer?


Let me know if you are aware of whether this will work. If not, tell me what you think about the idea!

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Think of the blueprints like a PDF file, only for a 3D printer in-game, but being physical items, like a flash-drive (since they can be dropped if the player is killed and they carry them on their person).

If you ask if the blueprint can be actually held in your hands in-game and examined , I highly doubt it, although, if the devs have in mind on making an actual representative blueprint depiction of a construct, with wirframes and so on, that woudl be indeed very cool, at least, for Master Blueprints, with Copies being the flash-drive sort of blueprint.

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