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I'm thinking of a wide variety of specialized and fully upgradable equipment that are easy to set up but require skills to updrade.

Depending on the system's complexity,such system can be used to monitor a small ship,or even a large city.


They can also be an important asset in the Secret Intelligence Warefare.

Set up hidden cameras or microphone bugs on the enemy faction,listen in on their conversations or steal personal passwords.


Monitor your small ship or even your large city from the safety of your own personal CCTV security room.

Add voice and facial recognition and have the database automatically inform you of potential threats.


With the use of a Radio Frequency Infiltraton Device,listen in or highjack on other people's radio frequencies.


Set up a sattelite and make your own Gps Triagulation Device (GTD) ,with the right skills you can find anyone,anytime.

Use the satelite's bird's eye view to spy on your enemies or just observe your citizens for the glory of Arstotzka!


Make use of sensor devices tied to trigger an alarm or possibly clever desinged traps and secuity turrets on your property.


The possibilities are endless,imo if they are implemented correctly they can enhance gameplay immensly!

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