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Your characters looks and styles :D


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I feel that the more players can customize themselves the more fun things will be, maybe even different cost for certain clothes, but if my avatar is a recolored edition of my leaders spacesuit I would be super sad, however if I can walk around with a sick hat and a decaled shirt while wearing a sick looking coat now then I would feel like I was in the game. But I would need mirrors to look at my awesome self. Plus it adds personality, you know how people think just by looking at the clothes they choose.

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Some simple things too such as different belts shoes etc, scarfs, shoulder plates alot of this would be nice. 

Though mesh creation would be amazing i don't think Devs would appreciate it as some people could just mesh out giant dicks on their chest and troll people. there would have to be sizeable limits to mesh creation.


I'd like to see a full web portal with terms of service... where people could submit equipment... gear... clothes... ship parts... any and all meshs of anything and everything it's possible to imagine within the terms of service.  Such submissions could be voted up or down by the community and reported for terms of service violations.  Then the devs could ... say once a month... take the top 10 or something and import them into the game.  If done right this could significantly reduce their work load and enable the large depth and breadth of itemization of long established games much much faster.

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