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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, myself and a friend have started playing the game recently, loving it so far... anyway here's the idea: Problem Everyone that tries the game out, even if they play for just 1 day will have at least 2 cores to their name (their hover bike and their sanctuary XS static core), each of them cores take up compute on your end, as the game gets further and further down the line your systems are gonna get more and more inundated with these persistent entities in the world. To make it worse most people won't just have 2 cores, we've not been playing long and the cores are already piling up. I'm sure I don't need to go into the details of everything you need to do for every core, including tracking the state every component is in, the position in the game it occupies, ownership rights etc, etc... And yes we understand PvP areas will eventually declutter this sort of thing naturally but Sanctuary and around the Arkship will be persistent forever. Solution Stay with me on this, by the time we're out the otherside I think you can agree it'll be quite cool. Require every core to have an upkeep, this means if the upkeep isn't met the core's elements all become non-functional and the player gets 7 days to add more upkeep, if they don't add more upkeep within 7 days the core is compactified into their inventory or whatever (mail system?). So that brings us on to 2 additional parts of the idea: 1) The upkeep of cores would be paid by "fueling" them with a special "core fuel" (or a much better creative name ofc), each core increasing with size would have an amount of "core fuel" they can store and they all burn through the same amount each day (we were using the idea of 1,000 but you could make it whatever felt good), for example a "Dynamic Core XS" might have a 3,000 max limit (so 3 days of fuel at a time) where as a "Static Core M" might have 14,000 limit (or 14 days) - we thought static cores should have more as you might want to leave a factory running on a moon or something while you are off doing other things. 2) But how do we make the "core fuel", well we thought it would be good if you could make it in your nanopack (so no industry necessary) but also you could add it to the chemical industry as well for mass production, ingredients would be Oxygen + Hydrogen making it very cheap and available to everyone who is remotely active. Benefits Players who leave don't have some crazy cores just lying about taking up compute for no real reason. A new resource to be bartered with, traded and potentially a whole new industry, people could setup "core fuel" farms to sell at Market (creating player interaction). Players that take a break will have all their designs neatly compactified for them to easily start back up on re-subscribing. As Organisations grow and grow they will need to balance a resource or buy it from the Market (the other side of the player interaction mentioned above). An easy new part of the talent tree to add "Core Fuel Creation Time -5%" etc Of course all numbers are easily adjusted.
  2. At the moment all the big ships come out as big squares, i personally want to build a long ship. So i suggest to enable us to choose a long format when deploying a core, so we can build longer ships that are not so square. It would also be nice if we could move the core to the side of the square instead of sitting the middle, this will enable other types of ship builds such as a cockpit in the back with the front part splitting in two.
  3. I have an idea. How about industries, containers and cores getting upgrade/overclock slots. //Introduction It could be handled in such a way that there is a button to the left of the X that takes you to the upgrade window. There you can put in your upgrades, but here's the thing, you can only put in one untalented upgrade, and if you put in talent points you can have up to 6 slots. (All numbers are exambles) //Upgrades Industries For the industry upgrades, I have considered: Overclocker Upgrade (makes the industry 5-10% faster); Input/Output Upgrade (you get an additional input or output (output is evenly distributed)); Parallel Upgrade (all same industries do what the industry does with the upgrade) //Upgrades Cores For the Cores have thought about it: Size Upgrade: (the build area will be 1%-2% or more); Fuel efficiency upgrade (only in dynmaic cores) like the Talent but as Upgrade); Thrust Overdrive (allows you to get more out of your engines (higher fuel consumption) (only dyncor)); Speed Upgrade (you can move faster in the area of the Core); Engine Warm up accelerator (shorter Warm up time(only dyncor)); Better Breaks (Breaks are more effective (only dyncor)); Larger Atmosphere (atmospheric engines can operate 100m (or more) above the atmosphere(only dyncore)); Durability Upgrade (everything has 2% more durability) //Upgrades Containers I have thought about the containers:Link Upgrade (you have more links to distribute); Mass Upgrade (things weight less (like the talent)); Space Upgrade (the container has more space (like the talent)); Large Rang (you have a larger link range); Overlapping Sender/Receiver Upgrade (container can send things into a container on another core in the area); Item Warp Upgrade Transmitter/Receiver (you can connect a container to another container from anywhere and send items (warp cells must be in the container (maybe pop a slot)); Quantum Entangled Upgrade (connect 2 or more containers sharing the same inventory from anywhere (maybe add black matter to the game (1 black matter per hour)) //How to craft Those were the ideas, but how do you make an upgrade? I have thought about the following: There are 5 levels of upgrades (like in the game already), the upgrades are made in the Assembly Line (Tier 1 in XS and 5 in XL, and the Quantum Entangled in only as tier 5 eg). One upgrade requires 125 Electronics, 250 Components, 500L Alloy, 400L "Heavy Metals" (the Category). Tier 1 should need about 2 hours and Tier 5 2 days. I also can imagine that to put a higher Upgrade in sth you need to have a Talent. //Balancing I know this is not balanced and it should be mainly about the idea that everyone can keep up without a lot of play time, even without a lot of talent or for smaller quality of live improvements like the item warp upgrade and faster industries. If you have balancing proposals then just bring them here //Who is this aimed at? However, the upgrades should not be easy to get in the beginning, it should be for big productions or for newcomers, who should join their friends but didn't get anything to craft because their friends "save 5L". // I hope you like my idea and that we can discuss it well in the comments.
  4. So I was watching videos from the Dual Universe channel: Dual Universe - YouTube And I saw how big the cores for building were. After seeing the sizes of them, I wondered if they could ever be resized to smaller versions but with the same functionality, preferably for smaller ships, such as: pods. --------------------------------------------------------- Check Out My YouTube Channel: MaxedMASKED
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