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Alpha 1

Found 3 results

  1. SonEasterZombie

    Possible alien expansion

    I believe the devs have made comments about possibly adding more arkships to the game for players to be found in the future. These arkships would serve as spawnpoints for new players which would allow for a new player to forge their own way forward, rather than spawning in the middle of an already heavily developed planet/city. In between the 10,000 years from Sol being destroyed to the Novark landing on Alioth, there is quite a lot that could have occurred in the galaxy. One of these could have been a similar situation to earth, except with another alien civilization. These wouldn't have to be specifically arkships, just something that served a similar purpose of spawning new players into the game, and any new players who spawned from these would not be human. This could be anything from just cosmetic differences to even things like certain skills being quicker or slower to gain compared to the human skill-tree. A simple cosmetic difference could allow for emergent gameplay surrounding xenophobic governments, and having a difference in certain things like element appearance ( or maybe even function, though that might prove an issue for balance and also for people who are one race or another but want to use the elements of the other race ) which could make having a diverse org something to pursue. What do you think about NQ adding playable aliens at some point in the (far) future? I myself am not even sure if it would be a good or bad idea, but I do think that if they were to do it then this would be a good way.
  2. ParagonExploiter

    Meeting the Aliens.

    Aliens have long been a subject of speculation and a pillar of science-fiction, so I set to wondering, if the game-makers finally decide to bring them what would we like them to be? EDIT!!: Do not post any pictures videos or information from the pre-alpha(as proof or otherwise) or subsequent wave tests or well, answer to NQ-Nyzaltar
  3. I was just thinking about aliens and different kinds there could be, like Flood-like or Predator-like or even ones like the Na'vi from the movie Avatar. The idea of a nearly catastrophic parasitic alien filled my brain with al sorts of ideas of their life cycles, emergent behaviors, and viralness. A flood-like organism could decimate entire planets, eventually causing a organization to form that would quarntine that sector. Also a company could weaponize the parasite and conquer worlds. There'd have to be vaccines that have to be researched and discovered too, so that the disease/parasite isn't unstoppable. Then I thought about races like the Ood and Vortigaunts, which are both slave races. So that got me thinking would DU give you the option to travel to some planet with primitive aliens and using your superior technology you could conquer them and then enslave them. Now of course there would have to be different types of slavery; such as chattel, servant, war drudges, work serfs, and livestock. All of these would have different buffs, but you could just have general slaves that follow your commands. Those buffs would be like, for example: you are attacked by a band of raiders, so you would use war drudges because the other slave types do less damage and are slower fighters than the war drudges. Also you could face rebellions, uprisings, and slave runaways. I believe all of these would add more emersion, plus some really cool scenarios could arise from it.