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Found 6 results

  1. I want to take the time to say hi to everyone. It’s nice to meet everyone. Just reply and say hi. 🤩🤩🤩 Hot 🥵 doggy 🐕
  2. Hi everyone ? I’m quite new around here so I just wanted to pop in and say hi ^^ Also wanted to ask about the Discord Authorization hehe.. ? Seems I need to be approved to continue? So thanks a lot in advance ^^ Glad to be here and all the best your way
  3. Hello fellow DU`ers, I have been following this game for around a year on kick-starter and every now and then lurking in the forums. I have enrolled into a few organizations already and found a pretty cool group. I wish to thank everyone in the community and the team, who is making this amazing project come to life, for such a warm welcome. Everyone I have met is willing to explain and take time to show newbies like myself around. A little about myself... I am attending college (albeit a little late) for Biotechnology and plan to finish with a PhD in Astrobiology. I am infatuated with space and this game is going to be the perfect outlet for that. I have a been gaming for most of my life and it has helped me through thick and thin. I am extremely happy to be a part of a community that could help like others did for me back when I was young. Keep going strong NQ. Keep up the friendly community everyone else! P.S. Stoats are my favorite.
  4. Hi everyone, I am Dociel. Thank you for your attention. Ok, that was the very short and lazy version! For the longer, read below. A bit about me, bullet point and random style: - I love sci-fi (books, movies, games, you name it) - I am getting (too) close to 30 y.o. - I live in Ireland, but am French of birth. - I was a huge fan of CCP Dust514 until the shutdown of its server this year. - I ride a Half-Bike, and that is as cool as it is dangerous. - I am waiting to play No Man's Sky, which will allow me to wait for DU!!! (plus DU is a french developing team for once! #proud) - I am learning to prepare awesome meat marinades and rhum arrange. - I got a basic ship for Star Citizen, but the feeling is not the same as for NMS or DU. It's a "pay to see", sort of. - I am the sort of person that is having a lot of projects and ideas, but never actually does them. - My favorite color is orange. - I dream of building a cloud city in DU, and will probably end up drifting naked in space. Well, I guess that's it for now! Cheers, Dociel
  5. Hi there! We received some information about the game and we loved what we found! I?m the Web Master of Uni?n Cosmos, a space sim spanish speaking community with members all around America and Spain. I read FAQ but i didnt find if the game will be located in spanish language? Ty!
  6. Hello All, I see a couple of familiar virtual faces here I am Pet d'Cat, been around a very long time and will not bore you with a games list. I play a couple of MMOs, but I am mainly a builder and a DJ (in those worlds that support that). Looking forward to Dual Universe, it has a great deal of possibilities. I would love to open an nice little club, built into the side of an asteroid, that I can DJ from and provide a resting place for those wayward souls wandering the spaceways.
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