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Found 5 results

  1. My first thought when I heard about the way they intend the single shard system to work with ship building and player density was "Well what happens if one person builds like 500 tiny ships and puts them in the same valley, free to tumble around and take up valuable server resources?" Another thing I realized once I had heard more about the way they intended the PvP system to work was that people could probably dock other "ships" to them that would function as extra fuel tanks, more armor, or even a shield if done correctly with dozens of tiny "ships" being flung towards an enemy to block line of sight. For these reasons, and more, I believe that there should be a limit to how many dynamic constructs a person can have operational at any time, based on a skill system. Not doing this would allow people to easily lag the server with hundreds of small ships bumping into things, and could also create some interesting but likely laggy pvp strategies. Perhaps a person could simply "deactivate" a ship they weren't using by turning it into a static construct, which is not subject to physics on the same level. But this also brings up something else, which is how far NQ will go with implementing carriers. Obviously if that is something feasible (it could already be in the game, I have no idea) they would want to do it, but what exactly would be able to be shared across 2 connected ships? I think that should be limited to fuel, storage, and whatever power system is added/is in the game. Allowing for a script on the mothership to control features on a docked ship would definitely be too far imo, but what do you guys think?
  2. So I had a thought relating to one of the dev blogs or what not stating they want to avoid ships just using people to hold move cargo as mules. So how can this be solved? The best way I can think of it working is storage is done via storage voxels which produce a formulaic amount of storage. The more voxels you have placed connect/next to each other the more exponential the storage becomes. It would need to be set up in a way where a small single player fighter would only have enough storage space to equal say half of a player's innate storage capacity. For freighters though they could move huge cache of supplies that could jumpstart base construction or what not as they can have large swaths of their volume dedicated to storage voxels. The catch is that this kind of storage eats up power since its essentially trying to replicate the tech used by each player at start, but unlike the starter tech that we have, its not a perfect replication. So the power requirements scale equally where as individual players don't have to pay power at all to store stuff on their person but could never compete with a freighter either. Another cost is that if the ship ever loses power you can't retrieve the stored supplies or if the voxels are damage, what was in the storage for those voxels could explosively release and fuse with your ship/base. If it some how survives, you'll need to mine your way out or clear it. Another aspect are storage crates, they can hold a lot, more than a player but you can't stack their effects like you would the voxels. Plus they are very large. These would be multi block assets/entities which can carry far more than a equal number individual storage voxels, but do not equal the total storage a group of voxels at an equal volume. The advantage to them though is they have their own dedicated power supply, or don't need it at all. Second, you can move the crates out the ship. But wait, why not just make voxel crates that I can load into a ship? You can, however they need power to work and you also need assets that provide power and movement like you would any vehicle thus adding to its volume/shape in unwieldy ways. Where as predefined crates are good go and perfectly cubical. At least that's my thoughts. Now just watch, some mod probably posted on this and a solution is already in the works... and I completely missed it.
  3. Good news everyone ! The Unnamed Warehouse has opened his services offered ! Im going to show the sketch of our warehouse and the services we intend to provide to our customers. To the people who dont know who are we, and dont want to go to the original thread (First post) I will explain short : we are a safe depot, with some more services, where we grant your anonymity and we ask nothing about you, your reputation or what are you going to deposit. Our ORG also pretends to offer all the static services (like storage units and workshops) to all those nomadic ORGs and little crews. Everything into a pure neutral zone. It will explain the basics of the different places where you enjoy our services, but it is not the complete complex, its only the structure you can see from outside of course. We difference our warehouse in 2 zones : The hexagonal complex The core complex Storage services Level 1 : You get a storage unit into a hexagonal complex, at the external ring, at Xquark/storage unit. This warehouse will count with entrance control via RDMS and will have a medium-small size ship entrance. You will get a personal storage unit inside. This package will be intended to store your low value assets or to store your raw materials/unrefined ores until you place it in a bigger ship. To say it short it would be a fast access place were you can come to take your heavy-weight tool you cant carry or to unload your charge and keep working. The security of this place would be mainly with light point defense auto-weapons to ensure people dont destroy the place and will not have a middle man involved into the movements inside this warehouse nor the security guys. Level 2: Inside the hexagonal complex, into a inner ring. The facilities of the complex grants medium security enviroment, take care of the privacy of our customers and the security guys will take care of the place. If you need to, we can schedule the visit to your depot so no one will see you. level 3: In the core complex with human supervision. That means: you have to surpass a employee who will give you access to the storage unit, it grants you have something like 1 soldier taking care of your storage; and higher priority defense in case of attack. This package also includes that we can bring your storage, or the items you want to take from the depot, to your ship so you dont have to enter (You dont need to get out of the ship) and vice versa. *This service must be scheduled* Level X: The supervision was made by one of the partners. That means only the partners have acces to your storage unit and will be in the more safe zone of the core complex. This wont be implemented until others were functional Work places services Work room 1: Access to a room with all the workshops you may need. There will be more people and if they are cheap ( I mean if they are just too big to be into a ship, but not so expensive) this work room will just be at the hexagonal complex between the 2 storage rings; if not this work room will be into the complex without direct acces from outside. Work room X: Just private rooms with designated workshops. You can schedule your visit to have the room reserved and with the storage unit you need ready in the room. Again it depends on how workshops works, so the dynamic of this service may vary. Hangar services Hangar 1 and fuel unit dispenser: Situated at the roof of the hexagonal complex there are a place to store your ships. . This service is intended to work like a meeting point where the individuals of a crew could park their ships to take part of a crew in a larger one at the space hangar; or to rent faster ships. If needed we grant transport to space hangar. Hangar S: Situated in the space, over the warehouse complex. Inteded to dock the larger ships, refuel them, or get the crew ready to the haul services. We provide here light transport to travel to the warehouse complex. Here you are able to rent light/faster ships. this service may vary when we see how this kind of stations works at release. Hangar X: This hangar were situated at the top of the core complex, supposed to be a high security individual hangar. Meeting room: private meeting room inside the main complex with special access. Is conected to a cargo dock, probably situated at the bottom level of Hangar X. Intended to scheduled meetings with cargo involved (or not) into a neutral zone. _______ We are going to get this thread to update the services we are going to offer. Enjoy! P.D.: In this thread we are looking for partners. Feel free to take a look.
  4. First of all, I want to say hello to everyone. I were lurkering the forum since I backed the kickstarter, but due to lack of time and inspiration (and a bit of shame to be honest) I never did it. I have some ideas to play the game in my own way (ofcourse with some people at my side) And recently I ended to watch/read everything at devblog and read some points to guide my ideas (looking at you @lethys, @captaintwerkmotor and your emergent gameplay) Well, after this short introduction of myself I will show you my ORG the Unnamed warehouse safe depot. Unnamed Warehouse (UW) Our primary goal is to provide the galaxy with storage facilities, meaning that we will have a depot to everyone who needs one, ORGs or individuals. This warehouse will work more like safe deposit boxs. I know many users may think, why would we use this kind of service when we can build a pretty saffer depot in the starting/ark safe zone? the answer was easy to me in 3 points: discreetness, privacy and logistics. We will protect the identity of our customer the same way we will protect the nature of what we were ensuring: - We don't care about who are you, you want a depot so we offer you one. You pay it, then you get it. - We don't care about what are you going to store in. And we don't want to know it. - We are planning to be the safest place in the game. While you are paying we will grant the next services: - Privacy, Meaning that we can schedule you visit to never be viewed by others. - We offer you private docks to your cargoship - You will have an individual depot-room where you will enter alone. - The security of your things may vary depending on how much you pay, where we offer diferent security acces (i.e. you do not need to pay the uber security when you are only saving your recently mined resources, or accumulatting for a merchant fleet or a major cargo ship) - We offer a dock to exchange currency and goods between ORGs in a neutral and safe zone. Once we grow enough, we plan to expand the services in the way of offering logistics to transport cargos and safety rooms where you could have secret meetings in a high security place. ________________________ I only want to add some things before the end: I am actually open to have some partners (help! I can't do it alone!) but due to the nature of this business I think we will be only a few running the ORG, but hiring a lot of people to keep the secure thing, including in that part members from others ORGs or outlaws/bounty hunters. We will keep neutral, and we need a nice spot to be a really usefull warehouse, so we need to be in contact with the others ORGs . If this grow big enough you will have news from me. I expect to be able to run kind of safe box via DRMS and a huge number of automatic weapons pointing at your head, I really hope loads of rare and precious shit were stored at my facilities and loads of "pirates" would dream about surpass our defenses...so any feedback would be very appreciated
  5. So how will the inventory system work, in the brief trailer we see someone produce a cockpit and part of a ship hull from what i assume is their personal inventory so I'm guessing it's quite large in fact large enough to hold all the resources to build a fighter, done with the shake of his glowing hand (some sort of nano fabrication or something). How does this translate to ships, am i going to have to pipe/conveyor the minerals mined by the drill at the front of my ship back into a storage container or will the ship be one entity and the container fill by itself as long as it's part of the ship. Considerations for the piping/conveyor system is that it would make ship design complicated but in a good way, interesting to do and something to think about carefully and optimise so you're not weighing your ship down with too much internal piping but also you then fall into having to have connectors on the ship to link to other ships/buildings/star bases that you wish to trade with. If you go with the one entity approach there is less to think about and your ship designing doesn't require you to think about internal mechanics and functionality. With regards to trading you can simple shift resources from one cargo hold to the other without regard for how (probably short range tele) if they are close to each other. Then you have to consider the range that this transfer can occur at, can it be increased perhaps by scaling to ship size or perhaps some sort of power hungry module like molecular transporters and can you build ones so big you can buy and sell remotely to an entire planet or Solar system. You could also go with the one entity approach and require direct contact between the two such as having to touch hulls or sit on a buildings/star bases landing pads. Also what considerations are there for people who want to steal cargo, can you simple rock up and hack into it, perhaps you have to damage it to a certain threshold before you can loot it or even destroy it. Circle back around to the building side, we see him use his glowing hand, are there larger ship sized module versions that i can put on the front of a builder ship to produce large objects or would we have to design a capital ship in person in small pieces (not a good idea honestly lol). Once i finish my ship and have the blueprint how will production proceed, do i need a factory with a big open space for the ship to spawn into as arms piece it together or will it just pop out next to it, I don't think a small space station or building should be able to produce something larger than itself. What are people thoughts and if any of these questions are part of other threads can you link them in please.
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