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Found 5 results

  1. I'm not sure how the current system works, but in my opinion there should be a way to shift a dynamic construct into a static construct, and back again. To avoid glitches it should only allow you to change if you are not touching any construct (with the exception of docking/being docked, something else I know very little about as far as mechanics). If turning a dynamic construct into a static construct, a period of "anchoring" where the ship goes offline and must be defended for a certain amount of time will occur to avoid people instantly changing their ships to static or dynamic during combat. Assuming this isn't already in the game, adding this would allow for mobile asteroid mining facilities or forward operating bases during the siege of a planet or system. Please comment your thoughts or suggestions, as i'm interested to see what you all think.
  2. Basically it would be cool if the whole team/squad/organisation could travel around with one big mothership, containing multiple smaller ships and hovercrafts etc. Pros: Possible social interactions while flying Easier to defend (against possible threats) More epic gameplay if you encounter a (possible) threat What would be needed: Hangar doors / airlocks Docking stations Recharge stations (If this fits in the energy system) Epic sirenes and alert systems (e.g. red/yellow alert) to alert the team/squad/organisation to go on combat-station -> this will create a more epic atmosphere
  3. Okay, so once the game releases us here at the ACS will be starting work on a massive piece of infrastructure. We have yet to decide a name for it, so I have decided to place it up as a contest to see who can come up with the best name for the station. The station itself will be a massive public hub, so please do refrain from any obscene references or language in the naming process. Feel free to post a name below - after 24 hours period I will gather all the names together and place them into a poll for people to vote over. The winning vote will be the new name of the station. Anyway have fun with it. . .
  4. 1. Will there be a limit to how big a station could be, or will there be repercussions for it that you have to take into account once it gets to big? 2. Will there be the ability to place plant life and water in your stations, or will those be a planet only thing?
  5. So say, you and a group become large enough to colonize a planet. You're also going to be big enough to notice, especially if your planet or territory falls strategically. I would enjoy seeing the ability to construct limited range shield 'domes' on planets, that protect you from external/orbital bombardment for a limited damage or duration. These generators would be fueled by 'x item'. If they run out of fuel, they go down. This does a couple of things over all. It allows people to have a comfort blanket above them for installations on a planetary surface and forces, possible ground assaults instead of flying assaults or orbital ones. It means fights would be more centralized. Now, the downside, I guess would have to be a restriction of how many within a specific area are allowed, so you have to protect your more important areas, spaceports, mining areas, living areas, whatever you deem important. Another downside would be possibly defense systems would have to be outside of the dome, thus making them 'vulnerable'. I'm not sure how the system with organisations is going to work, but hopefully there will some form of 'standings' systems between people so you can judge who has access to the shielded areas. I'll assume bunkers will be possible with the simple installation of a building underground, as it's all voxel based. -- However, on the ticket of standings, etc, seeing shield doors for docking bays on stations and capital ships that allow only selected people in and stop projectiles from straight penetrating into a docking bay would be a lovely addition. -- As for anti-orbit weapons, I would like to see various systems that can be used to track hostiles in orbit or that you are allowed to possibly control, but that are quite large and require defense on the planet surface. -- On the line of defensive weaponry, how possible would point defense/anti-missile systems be? i.e, a system that tracks and has a chance to kill incoming missiles or smaller ships? I understand there is LUA, but I guess the speculation would be that maybe missiles and other projectiles would be almost impossible to kill on the fly. However, we are yet to see weapons, etc. -- Keep in mind, this is all speculative, as there isn't much about the way standings and relations between organisations will be dealt with, whether there will be a war system like EvE or whether it will just be groups brawling it out and letting their intentions be known via projectiles.
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