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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome! The Aerogics Shipbuilding and Trading Company is now Hiring! Hey guys, we are a friendly, trading and shipbuilding-oriented organization, looking for new members and new trade partners. Join our discord! For new members: We are looking for beginners! Don’t worry if you have just started the game; we will help you to make your first steps in the game and help you to improve your skills. We can provide you a free ride to our base and we can give you some stuff if you want to explore the game in a more independent way. Are you interested in ship designs? We support every creative member who wants to design ships/bases and we are actively sharing knowledge to help you to make your designs into reality. Are you interested in traveling? We are looking for members who can deliver cargo to our customers. Are you interested in trading? We're seeking players with economics and other trading skills! Finding new customers and improving the relations with the existing ones. Are you interested in production? We have a large factory for you to learn and produce to your hearts content. We can help you be part of one of the largest industries in the game. Apply today! Be a part of the team! Join our discord! For new trade partners: We producing high end materials and parts, trading with rare resources and selling ships of every core size! If you’re interested, we can sell you a blueprint/key or we can make ships on request. We can also refine and produce materials for fee if you don’t have the industry! (Terms & Conditions apply) Join our discord!
  2. As a General Idea It would be nice to have the technology to have reusable ships that can dock in another ship or even going voltron ( join multiple ships to make a bigger one). Right know iam thinking in a small spherical ship that can be attached to a ship or a station and once atached you get control of the structure. the small sphre by it shelf cant fly but can travel on the surface. Can even work as a scape pod. THis is from tengen toppa, and when this head is atached to a bigger mecha its pilot obtain control of it.
  3. It may be a hard to implement feature but just in case: The idea is having a component that make a joint in a way that it transform the ship shape and modify engines angles One example of this could be the firefly ship and its lateral engines.
  4. Anyone looking to create and ultimately mass produce their construct would first have to build a prototype by hand a lengthy process drawing in manpower effort and resources the amounts of which would be relative to the size and complexity of the construct This final prototype would be the master construct the factory elements will use in its mass production the prototype would be docked at one of these facilities and its design captured and its blueprint item created This blueprint item is divided into a number of pieces because the factory elements themselves have fixed sizes relative to the dynamic core type they are placed on The arrow is the construct and the blue represents the factory element volumes each volume captures a segment of the construct and creates an item a part of the whole blueprint So for example a medium construct blueprint might have 20 parts 20 blueprints that make up a whole construct these construct segments will have to have their own dynamic core as they will be manufactured individually and welded together by hand all of these sections will have to be welded to a basic skeleton built separately by hand once welded to the basic skeleton the construct segment will lose its dynamic core and adopt the core of the basic skeleton this welding action will only be possible within a friendly territory that contains a friendly factory unit/factory element and cannot be done within the volumes of active factory units as for the elements required for the construct those too will be installed by hand with ghosts of where they should be placed appearing on the construct while it is docked in a factory volume and that factory volume is loaded with the correct blueprint part wiring/linking of elements is to be done by hand and will be the final part of the manufacturing process so to conclude the path to mass production starts with a physical design phase creating and tweaking prototypes until a final prototype production model is settled upon next the design is captured using factory units and a modular construct blueprint is made those blueprint parts are put into factory units manufactured and then welded into place by hand on a separately handmade construct called a basic skeleton the construct elements are then wired/linked up and the process is complete i invite and welcome all constructive criticism
  5. First I want to gather distance from what has been raised already: creative mode and the like. I have searched and found the "Creative Mode" thread and while it kinda addresses the same issue, I consider it another "game mode" that would be separate from the "real" universe (ehem... just let me use the term "real" without quotes from now on - don't slap me). Atelier? Holo Deck? Holo Dock? Holo Shipyard? I guess I don't need to describe the atelier (holo deck) in detail - you all know the Star Trek Holo Deck, where people can create a holographic illusion that they can even interact with, or take damage from if security protocols have been disabled - it looks and feels real, but really is just an illusion/projection within a limited area. What makes this different from Creative Mode? Applied to Dual Universe and the role of ship designer it would mean that the designer could start by building a first atelier (static construct) which may be rather small, but lets him create concepts of dynamic constructs that fit into the room. I think the Star Trek Holo Deck is infinitely large when switched on, but this would create a "seperate world/instance" within the real world of DU and I think that would imply many issues and players hiding in a tiny spot that inside might be huge. Don't know. Second reason why I think the atelier should be just as big as the inside of the construct: designers would start small and work their way up. As this is a game and you probably aim for some kind of progression, it would be sensible to not have the one week old player design a Star Destroyer (executor- or eclipse-class, hehe) in his tiny 3x3m atelier. Third reason: it's a building in the real world, visible by other players. It adds prestige, too. It's where your company works and where other players (friends, clients) may be granted access and look at your progress. But how on Alioth would one fit an executor class star destroyer into a building that has to fit into a TCU tile!? Good thing you ask! Because you don't and because you shouldn't. Two reasons: You don't really want to have ships of this size equipped with atmospheric thrusters to launch from a planet. Once the designer progresses to a point where he could build something like this, he'd have his own space dock - he'd have his own "holo atelier shipyard", where giant rails run along starboard/backboard, topside/keel, bow/stern, which mount projector equipment to get the planning phase done. Resources/Maintenance? You'd have to feed the atelier with power to run the projectors - but those projections don't need material as you can't take them away anyways. You might want to secure your endeavours tho as you leave the safe zone to create bigger stuff. More benefits? you could configure the projector to disable clipping and or reduce opacity you could switch to wireframe, which would be bliss (if you ever created a 3d model using design software, you know it can be hard to track down hidden surfaces that don't serve any purpose, but just bloat your model) you could switch voxels on/off as well as components on/off (easier to link fully enclosed components if no voxels are in the way) you could move, raise or lower the construct without having to worry about gravity you could switch to simulation mode in order to enter a projected cockpit and move some meters around within your atelier - speed off and your character will smash into the wall, while your construct swooshes through it and is gone (so you need to reset relative projection position) you could have guides (lines/planes) projected to your workspace - lines to align stuff and planes to view cross sections or set a mirror plane, without having to calculate double/triple/quad resource cost (as there are no resource costs) everything this device can do for you would neither break the consistent universe, nor have people vanishing into thin air, because they suddenly are in "a different game mode" of course you could still just start building - trial and error, get that thing in the air and all that - but you'd be lacking some tools and it would have the full cost in resources Freedom of Choice! This would be an option to excel at something you love - at the same time it would not be mandatory. Your choice, mate! immersion, immersion, immersion.. Modularity of design and construction All holographic constructs would be just that - hollow projections. They would not take up real space. This means you would place your projector/-s, start designing your construct and at the same time you could in fact place the core unit where you just planned it and start building the real thing as if you did a colour by numbers ("Malen nach Zahlen" in German). Your company/organization could take in someone specialized on construction/building, who helps on this process. Projectors would be an asset just like doors or cores or engines - they would need players to build them, they would need resources to be built, they could have limited projection capacities in "supported construct dimension and/or volume" - again this means scalability - this means progressing through the game - this means having something to achieve, to work for. The largest stuff doesn't come cheap, but the biggest XXL of projectors coult have clustering capability, so you could connect it with other XXL projectors to create the giant holo shipyard atelier I mentioned above. Final statement I'm not 100% sure if I thought of everything - but seeing the threads around creative mode, offline mode, single player stuff, creators needs, clients needs, freelancers needs, and the polarization it sometimes causes, I think this is a direction that could serve the needs of all sides. Designers could create blueprints while they wouldn't vanish from the rest of the world, but be an essential part of it. I did the search - maybe this has been here already? I hope I didn't miss it. Yeah, I've seen the note in the "Creative Mode" thread, that something like this "might" come as an addon after release. No problem with that! It's just an idea and open for discussion. Please, add your thoughts - I'm craving for feedback, as I've got a hunch this could be awesome. Merci pour votre considération.
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