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Found 7 results

  1. I was reading some comments regarding Schematics and while I understand they were VERY unpopular, I also understand they made people follow a certain "path" on specialization. Since we might be wiping soon and removing Schematics, it might be a good moment to suggest this. My idea is replacing Schematics with a "research tree", similar to how Rust has implemented for item crafting. It could even reuse lots of code and logic from the Talent system. Basically, instead of having tons of copies of different schematics, you would need to learn or "research" a certain item with points you get over time, to be able to produce it in machines. The more complex the item, the further down it would be on the tree and the longer it would take to learn it. Optionally, Schematics could still exist as a way of "skipping" a few steps and being able to produce items, but with the downside of being a very expensive way to do so. Basically for any recipe you haven't "learned" you still would need to have one schematic per machine running it. Beyond the fact players would need to specialize into specific areas of industry, another advantage of such system is that this could also allow for gameplay mechanics such as players selling the services of setting-up industry for other players, for example.
  2. Look up "Thaumcraft 4 research" and "Thaumonomicon" for reference. Tech tree examples ^ In Thaumcraft you have a 'tech tree' and in this you can unlock various recipes for items (eg. schematics in DU). In this tech tree it gives a relatively defined path, however, sometimes the triggers to research steps are not clear. The user must unlock precursor items and precursor research point types, or trigger certain events to progress to the next step on the tree. However, the best part about this tree is when you click on an element on the tree there is usually a detailed description of the item (not just the item's tool tip description). There is also a research table where you can scan various blocks (elements, voxels, honeycomb, and terrain decor in DU's case) for these research points of various types (ex. Terra, Lux, Aqua, etc.), which you can use in the research table to make patterns in a puzzle to unlock the recipe of an item. In DU's case this would translate to getting a schematic in return. Now, this could replace the need to sell schematics by bots, because the required stuff to make these researches could be engineered to only found after exploration (and prospecting). Left: List of various research point variants that the user can use for the research puzzle. Right: The research puzzle itself, the pre-existing "nodes" must all be connected to each other in some way complete the puzzle. These research points in Thaumcraft can be combined, and all but the most elemental are a form of 'recipe tree', where they are made by, or make other research point types. These research points connect in the puzzle to other research points that they either are made of 1 tier down, or make 1 tier up. To scan there'd probably be talents related to it, as well as a tool to scan the various objects. Items could be further investigated by actually putting them into the table. All items/objects should be scannable (to return some research points). How to replicate a schematic once you "unlock" it at this table? The best way to enrich the replication of schematics is to add a new layer of depth to item scanning. Once you unlock certain parts of the tech tree, it should be possible to re-scan various elements (without telling the player what changed, after all, it's research). The player could then re-play the puzzle mini-game to attain more schematics. This should naturally create a limit on the amount of schematics possible by an individual, due to this budgeting. Lastly, the research table "puzzle", unlike Thaumcraft, is fundamentally random to some extent. The player will always be presented with the same "research stems" in the puzzle, however, their positions are entirely random, unlike the original, making the replay-ability much higher.
  3. This is going to be in a list style format. No poll this time (too many suggestions, just leave comments ) Add "full throttle" key bind. Literally inverse of "stop engines" key bind, but in cruise control just acts like tapping the up-throttle button once. Tank hubs. Like container hubs, but for only 1 tank type a piece. Consider altering the ore distribution to better fit this game loop flaw (forum post). Essentially allow at least 1 tier 2 to exist on all planets/moons. Consider making territory units craftable in nanocrafter using tier 1 components, albeit extremely slowly (see referenced post). Consider changes to the atmospheric scattering shader It's been a long while, and I'm sure if y'all have planet tech cooking, the atmospheric scattering definitely is being worked on. Frankly though, it's pretty easy to make a good atmospheric shader, especially in an engine that gives a lot of tools for you. Make changes so that the trace chemicals in each atmosphere give a transition effect before the atmosphere fades night atmosphere is not 100% transparent (a proportion based on the atmosphere's thickness Change atmospheric colors of ALL planets to match the planet atmospheres on the MAP (or some other interpretation). Now that I have your attention (here's a word from our sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends!), here's some changes I would like to see in future releases. Total planet reset to accommodate new planet tech. The forum post attached, assuming you also read referenced other posts, would fill my argument. It's the last step in improving all the planets after literally everything else has changed. Just do it sometime soon, the team has already found, or is going to find ways to make the transition as easy as possible. Ex. "Magic BPs" It's beta phase 1, when's phase 2? I'm tired of small planets with bad detailing that all embarrass all of us when we attempt to show the game to friends. Exploration needs good destinations. This game has almost none. Schematics. Ties in with the previous ore distribution, but to compare to another game... In Empyrion Galactic Survival, you can start from the ground up (nothing on the player), and make your way to end game, without ever needing to interact with any other player. It is balanced to be like this. A game like DU should promote this as well for a few reasons: Polish, showing the game's designers are good at making the core loops Whenever there's frontier societies, we cannot rely on the rest of society. Especially when you think about the "player made markets", why would bots suddenly be selling these schematics there (giving free cash to the establisher)? The element of progression, which when made well, can be engrossing and well worth the effort, and rewarding (player retention). In Demeter I'm quite pleased with the clear well thought out ideas of the mining loops, I'm confident the team is beyond competent to take upon the challenge of this. Physics (player and construct) While hard KSP-style (proper Newtonian) physics I don't imagine 100% for this game, many changes should be made to uphold realism and balance for the game. To quote a reddit comment I made on the DU subreddit... Thanks for reading, hope you are swayed by my arguments. See y'all!
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the Advanced and Rare Large space engine schematics are missing from the game? I think something is messed up. Side topic: Why do the advanced and rare M space engines require large frames and ionic chambers?
  5. some help NQ to develop a better way for the game to be player driven game play, so here it is. add a industry unit that does research of schematics, it does not require any resources only time like the talent tree. this idea will allow players to sell schematics and the market will flow between players rather than getting suck into NQ wallet which doesnt get used, because the ore is only getting used to sell to the bots you have and not for building anything by players which is destroying the game. it was a great idea at the time but now you are still losing players every day. back to the research unit, place the schematic for the unit itself on the market so people can buy and build it, allow the unit to see all the schematics available so players can choose to use the schematics or sell them to other players, that way the in game money circulates. allow players to have multiple of these so they can research different things they want to build or sell. obviously have different time scales for each schematic that it can make. Finally the last point and most important point is this allows for NQ to add new items to the game without having to put the new item on all planets and markets for a price, you just add it to the units list of schematics and the players will start researching it.
  6. Hello Noveans! I'm quite new to the game itself and MMOs too, but something that definitely caught my attention was how the Industry is pretty much blocked for new players. Even when getting smaller/starter machinery, you just can't go on and start progressing, or even refining/crafting things that are possible using the Nanocrafter. But yeah, there's the question of balancing stuff, as it would be ideal to people having specialized factories for goods, plus not getting to endgame too early, so I was thinking of creating some sort of mechanic like a Research menu, where one can select an item from their inventory and start researching it. The original item would be consumed and maybe some extra thing could be required for this too (maybe research points, just like talent points), and after some time the research would end and we get an schematic of that item. That schematic then could be sold on the market or used on industry, whatever fits the player better. Doing so would reduce the need of bots selling schematics and would allow players to have an alternative way of getting schematics. One looking for a quick way could go on and buy the schematics from bots or other players, while other could chose to buy the item itself and spend some time researching it (if they don't have enough talent points). This also keeps the balancing that Schematics brought to the game, as they will still be something hard to obtain, but not so hard that the only way to get them is paying a very high price. Other possible thing on this is having a Tech Tree that works just like Talents, where one can queue up items to be researched, but with all the required parts and steps being required to be researched first. This would have no cost to the player itself in terms of having to buy the item first, but would require an extended period of time to have things researched, so we're exchanging time for money pretty much. That way one could also get basic industry Schematics while just investing time to queue them up... What do you guys think?
  7. I thought this might be the best place to post, since it has to do with blueprints, although it is also somewhat of an art question. Does anyone know whether blueprints will be actually viewable in the game, like a schematic, or whether they are just supposed to be electronic files that only make sense to a factory unit? The reason I ask, is because I think it would be neat to be able to make a desktop background / screensaver slide out of your favorite ship blueprints. (Hence the "art" aspect.") I realize that it could pose problems from a blueprint security standpoint, since it might be easier to reverse-engineer a viewable blueprint, but then again, the blueprint wouldn't be divided into voxels, so.... Maybe this could be limited to Master Blueprints, or specific blueprints that have had this option enabled by the original designer? Let me know if you are aware of whether this will work. If not, tell me what you think about the idea!
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