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  1. the research unit can be like all the rest of the industry where they can be uncommon, advanced, or rare and require more rare ore to build each one and be able to research higher tier schematics, but most importantly it will make the game completely player driven like what JC wants for the game.
  2. some help NQ to develop a better way for the game to be player driven game play, so here it is. add a industry unit that does research of schematics, it does not require any resources only time like the talent tree. this idea will allow players to sell schematics and the market will flow between players rather than getting suck into NQ wallet which doesnt get used, because the ore is only getting used to sell to the bots you have and not for building anything by players which is destroying the game. it was a great idea at the time but now you are still losing players every day. back to the res
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