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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Devs. It would be REALLY handy if we could search the auction house/market for all open buy orders. not just for a particular item, but rather all of them in a list, and the ability to sort that list and filter it. I am certain there are many items with open buy orders that someone would gladly provide if we only knew they wanted it. Thanks, Tordan
  2. Since day 1, NQ has talked about cities as a feature of DU: - during the Kickstarter in JC's '10 Minutes of Dual Universe Gameplay', - in the 2018 pre-alpha 'Dual Universe Community-Made Outposts', and - just a year ago, at the 25 second mark in the 'Building Fundamentals Trailer'... So why are there only a handful of 'cities' in DU? As detailed in my YouTube video (link below) it is virtually impossible to align static core blueprints reliably, even when working hard to comply with the baked-in ray cast used to position blueprints. The lack of a snap to grid (as with placement of new cores) is just the beginning of the many problems. Static blueprint placement issues also include: 1) 'Nudge' moves the BP by 2 voxels instead if 1, 2) There is no visualisation of the structure being placed. Combined with placement inverting the direction of the structure by default, it is extremely difficult to predict which direction the blueprint is facing when placed, even moreso when rotation is called for, and 3) The inability to 'undo' a bad placement is especially burdensome on large structures as they have to be torn down in dozens of separate cut selections and the blueprint is effectively lost. For all these reasons, it is completely impractical to try to perform a number of tasks essential to large scale architecture, including: - Relocating an existing multicore structure, - Replicating a multicore structure, - Developing multicore structures for sale, - Selling any static blueprint with DRM (since bad placement consumes the blueprint). Because it is impossible to transact blueprints in a way that allows customers to reliably place their purchase, there is no profit to be made in multicore architecture. And because there is no profit in multicore architecture, there are no multicore architects. In essence, current gameplay mechanics actively inhibit the construction of cities. There are three levels of fix for this essential gameplay element: BASIC: Add snap-to-grid for static core blueprint placement, identical to new core placement. (Even with this basic fix, determined players can workaround the remaining problems.) INTERMEDIATE: Add a direction arrow on the blueprint being placed so players can see which direction the BP is being placed. (Blueprint sellers can then provide instructions to customers on which face of the construct the arrow represents.) ADVANCED: Full function - add a silhouette of the projected blueprint, and add an undo function or teardown with the blueprint recovered. To be fair, there are other problems as well - like the inability to use elevators to travel between cores, or more than half the width of a large core. But with the ability to design and build multicore structures, the largest hurdle would be resolved and the absence of any significant emergent architecture, aside from a small number of very determined players. It is my wish that rather than wait for the available development cycle to properly fix static blueprint placement, the 'basic' option above be implemented ASAP. *
  3. Regarding the icon layout and functional consistency of these forums... There are these "voice bubble" icons in front of thread titles that look very similar to the voice bubbles in front of forum area titles. Issue: Inconsistent behavior The icon in front of the forum titles marks ALL threads inside that forum read. The icon in front of the thread titles jumps to the first unread posting. Multiple times now I accidentally marked whole forum areas read, because I intuitively clicked on that icon. Possible solutions, ordered by personal preference descending: disable the "Mark forum as read" on the forum area index - the function would still be accessible from inside the forum, where we have a button on top to do the same add a confirmation "You're about to mark the whole forum as read. Continue?" on the forum area index (maybe in combination with 3.) significantly change the design of those two functions that are very different from each other (however still, the similar layout/position would lead to intuitively target that area for the wrong reason...) make the icon in front of thread titles (that now do "Go to first unread post") do "Mark this thread read" instead (but as "mark something read" is a very destructive and afaik irreversible(?) function, I strongly feel against this solution - it's just an "at least it would be consistent" kind of thing...) Thank you for your consideration
  4. This idea I hope gets implemented. As ship builders and architects get more accustomed to using the Toolsets provided, we are going to start developing our own brushes (custom shapes). Either by merging shapes, creating stamps/molds. From what I have seen it's possible to create duplicates of these forms which is great. The problem is, how do we store these for later use. Sure we can create giant tool boards in our workshops but this leaves our biggest asset open to being copied, griefed, destroyed or lost if our land area is taken in PvP. I would like to request a way to store, name and sort custom shapes (brushes) for later use, hopefully in a similar way the primitives are.
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